Career Exploration


  • Are you feeling anxious about selecting a major?
  • Do you wonder what career opportunities are available in your field of study?
  • Have you started to doubt the major you selected?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. It is completely normal for college students to feel a sense of anxiety when selecting a major, to question their choice of major or to wonder about potential employment opportunities. Career Services is here to help. Our trained staff can help you throughout your career planning process.

View the Career Services overview for an outline of services provided for students. If you are interested in scheduling a one-on-one meeting with us, call 816-501-4061.

Assessment Tools

Career Services offers a variety of assessments and career inventories, which can be beneficial in defining your career goals and declaring an academic major. To learn more about the following tools, contact Tina Wendling at 816-501-4858.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
The MBTI is used to explore personality types and how they relate to the workplace.

What Can I Do With This Major? 
Do you want to explore what careers are out there in the working world? If so, What Can I Do With This Major provides information on more than 80 fields, typical employers and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities upon completion of your time at Rockhurst University. 

Holland Self-Directed Search (SDS)
The Holland Self-Directed Search is an assessment based upon personality type as it relates to the work environment. This assessment provides career direction by giving suggestions on majors and occupations that match an individual’s type.

Four Year Career Plan


  • Obtain a copy of the Rockhurst catalog and review majors offered.
  • Identify and explore your interests, abilities and work values through career assessments.
  • Speak with faculty members, along with family and friends who are currently working in your fields of interests.
  • Volunteer or obtain a part-time position to gain skills and knowledge in various workplaces and fields.
  • Attend career fairs to learn more about what employers are seeking in candidates.
  • Consider taking the career planning class in the fall.
  • Discuss job shadowing options with Career Services.
  • Create your RU Career Account.


  • Update your RU Career Account preferences, contact information and resume.
  • Schedule an appointment with an academic adviser to discuss requirements and procedures for declaring your chosen major.
  • Consider exploring career options through our mentoring programs.
  • Develop a resume to use when applying for summer internships and co-ops, and meet with Career Services for a resume review.
  • Meet with the assistant director of career services to discuss the internship/co-op search process.
  • Consider a study abroad or service trip opportunity and seek out leadership opportunities in campus organizations.


  • Update the information in your RU Career Account.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member to have your resume reviewed.
  • Research career options, market trends and industries using Career Services resources.
  • Continue to review your self-assessment results and begin assessing what is really important to you (values, educational goals, geographic preferences, etc.).
  • Attend and network at more on and off campus career events (career fairs, etiquette dinner, etc.).
  • Obtain a co-op/internship to gain practical experience and build your resume.
  • Continue holding leadership positions in one or more campus organizations.
  • Ask former employers and professors to serve as references.
  • Begin researching graduate school options by utilizing resources in Career Services and graduate school websites.
  • Practice your interview skills by participating in a mock interview through Career Services, and be sure you have professional interview attire.


  • Enroll in the career decisions class to prepare for the professional career search.
  • Update your resume for the professional career search.
  • Contact your references to request their assistance and keep them apprised on your search.
  • Track the campus interview schedule and RU Career Account postings on a regular basis.
  • Start applying and interviewing for positions 6-9 months prior to graduation.
  • Attend career fairs and network with those already in the working world.

Career Planning Course

Students interested in gaining a sense of self-understanding and career direction are encouraged to take the career planning course, CT 1120, which is offered each semester. In this course, you will assess your own personal interests, values, skills and qualities in order to gain a solid understanding of your strengths and abilities. You will also research and explore career options prior to experiencing the career decision-making process.

Career Services has numerous resources available to provide you with information regarding career opportunities by major, the job outlook by industry and much more.

Visit Career Services in Massman 3 for more information.