Part-Time & Work-Study

Part-time Employment

Students seeking part-time and summer employment may search the part-time and summer jobs on Rockhurst’s current job openings page.

Quick Forms & Links:

Work-Study Positions

Campus work-study positions are available for student viewing on August 17.

Important: You must be eligible for financial aid to qualify for a work-study position. Questions regarding your financial aid eligibility should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid in Massman 109 or by calling 816-501-4600.

To apply for a work-study position, students must apply through Paycom and click on campus work-study positions.

Students will need to filter by student position types on the job listing page to see open jobs and then create an account within Paycom.

Once you have secured a position, you must submit the contract completed by you and your supervisor along with your original I-9 documents to Human Resources (Conway Hall 102) in order to begin receiving a paycheck.

All first-time student employees must complete an I-9 form and must present one item from List A OR one item from both List B & C (See a list of acceptable documents) to the Human Resource Office for work verification. All documents must be unexpired. A traveler lawfully admitted (or paroled) into the U.S. may print their lawful record of admission (I-94 form) from this CBP website. Please review these items with your supervisor.

Recording Your Time

Students are required to enter their time worked in the Paycom Timekeeping System. You will receive instructions on how to register when you complete the new hire checklist in Paycom. In order to be paid, your supervisor will be required to approve time worked in Paycom. 

Student employees will not be allowed to work any hours after they reach the award amount indicated on their financial aid award notification letter. Once you reach your financial aid allotment, time and attendance access will be suspended until your supervisor contacts the payroll department. At this point, you should discontinue working unless you are notified by your supervisor.

Students are paid bi-weekly for time worked two weeks prior. Time worked must be entered into the Paycom timekeeping system by logging in and clocking in and out. Supervisors need to approve time every Monday before 9:00 a.m. to ensure timely payroll processing.

Instructions for recording your time worked in Paycom and utilizing the mobile app can be found in the new hire checklist.

We use a single sign-on through the Rockhurst web portal to log in to the Paycom system. Please review the instructions below to access the Paycom system:

  1. Access the web portal by going to the Rockhurst home page at or navigating to the footer of any page and clicking on Web Portal. 
  2. You’ll be asked to log in with your Rockhurst username and password, as well as generate a security verification number to enter. 
  3. After logging in, click on the Paycom icon and it will take you directly to the Paycom system.

Or you can use the Paycom app.

Paycom App instructions:

  1. Download the Paycom app on your mobile phone app store.
  2. Under Username, enter, which will direct you to the Rockhurst portal.
  3. Enter your Rockhurst username and password, which will then take you into the Paycom app.