Scholarship & Award Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all Rockhurst University scholarships unless specifically stated otherwise.

  1. Terms of Enrollment: Scholarships will be distributed in equal amounts for the fall and spring semesters. Scholarships may not be applied to summer terms. Scholarship are renewable for up to four consecutive years of full-time enrollment (based on completion of your first bachelor’s degree)
  2. Enrollment Status: Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time (carrying at least 12 credit hours per semester)
    1. Grade Point Average: Recipients must maintain the following minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the end of each academic year to be eligible for renewal. If a student falls below the required GPA level, a 10% reduction of the scholarship will occur. Once the student achieves the necessary GPA, the 10% that was lost will be given back going forward.
      Scholarship Renewal GPA
      Annual/Endowed varies
      Breen 3.3
      Carey 3.0
      Distinguished 3.3
      Endeavor 3.0
      Family Award 2.0
      Finucane Service Award 2.5
      Founder's 3.0
      Hummel 2.75
      Ignatius of Loyola Award 2.0
      Knapp 3.0
      McCabe 3.2
      NCAA Athletic Award 2.0
      Opportunity Grant 2.0
      Phi Theta Kappa Academic 3.3
      Transfer Advantage 2.0
      Transfer Veteran's Award 2.0
      Trustee's 3.4
      Weiss 2.75
  3. Special Conditions:
    Trustee’s Scholarship recipients must reside on campus in campus housing, during the four consecutive years of enrollment to qualify and remain eligible for the Trustee’s Scholarship. (Based on completion of your first bachelor’s degree).

    Finucane Service Award recipients must honor the
    minimum hours of service based on their service commitment. This participation must be documented by the Center for Service Learning:​
    Director, Center for Service Learning
    Van Ackeren Hall, 2nd floor, room 208
    (816) 501-4545