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Who Do I Ask for Help?

As much as we’d like to imagine college will be a stress-free paradise filled with perfect relationships and 4.0’s, that’s not always the case. Problems will arise and one of the great lessons of college is how to navigate the potholes on your road to success.


Guys dorm room at Rockhurst University

College Dorm Essentials & Advice

Dorm rooms have two beds, two desks, a wall mirror, and two closet/dresser units. Students should bring linens for extra-long twin beds, lamps (non-halogen), area rugs, posters, towels, bathroom items, night lights, computer(s), electronic equipment, surge protector power strips, wastebaskets, and other items to create your home-away-from-home. You may bring your own small refrigerator and/or microwave for use in your room. Refrigerators must be no larger than 2.5 cubic feet or taller than 32 inches high. Check with your roommate so you don’t double-up on appliances. Additional furniture is allowed.

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