Seal And Alma Mater

SealThe Rockhurst University seal was inspired by the history of Rockhurst, and was officially adopted on May 1, 1945. The seal was modified on July 1, 1999, when Rockhurst officially changed its name from college to university.

The shield in the center comprises four quarters separated by a cross with seven pillars. The pillars symbolize the seven pillars of wisdom and the seven liberal arts.

Reading clockwise:

  • The moorcock (symbolic, not a real bird) is from the family shield of Saint Thomas More, patron saint of Rockhurst.
  • The stony, wooded hill represents the ground on which Rockhurst was built and for which it is named: Rock and Hurst (a wooded mound). The new seal shows three trees, rather than five, and one mound, rather than several, to make this section of the shield easier to see and clearer in different sizes.
  • The holly sprig is from the coat of arms of the Dowling family, in honor of Fr. Michael Dowling, the College's founder. Fr. Dowling bought the original 25 acres at 53rd and Troost (then a rural area) for $50,000 in 1909.
  • The quarter-bars are from the family shield of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus. The colors were changed from green and gold on the College seal, to scarlet and gold on this seal, the true colors of the family's shield. This is the most commonly used symbol among the 28 Jesuit universities' seals.
  • The Latin words at the bottom are the university's motto, which translates into, "Wisdom has built herself a home."
  • 1910 was the first year in which the state of Missouri chartered Rockhurst to award degrees, so we consider it our founding year. The Roman numerals were changed to arabic numbers to make our founding date clearer to read.
  • On the new seal there is only one circle around the shield to make it more elegant and easier to read.
  • The colors white and blue are used on the circle surrounding the shield to highlight Rockhurst University's colors.

Rockhurst University Alma Mater

Rockhurst is our alma mater,
Home of wisdom, heart so true,

Loyal friends are here together,
'Neath your colors white and blue.

Guide us with your truth and honor
Keep us strong in unity.

On this Rock we build our future,
Rockhurst University.