Pre-Law Overview

No Single Path

  • Rockhurst University follows the American Bar Association's guidelines for Law School preparation which do not recommend any particular group of undergraduate majors or courses to prepare for legal education.
  • Thus, we do not have a specific pre-law program, major, or minor.
  • This leaves students free to explore any undergraduate field that interests them; which can be an important factor in earning a successful GPA for admission into a Law School.

Focus on Core Skills and Values

  • To develop a sound foundation for legal education, the ABA recommends students acquire important skills such as problem-solving, critical reading and writing, oral communication, listening, organization, and management skills.
  • The key values students must have are a dedication to serving others and promoting justice.

General Knowledge

  • The bodies of knowledge that facilitate legal studies include broad understandings of history, political thought, philosophy, ethical theory, economics, human behavior, and diversity.

Why Rockhurst?

Rockhurst University's Core Curriculum, along with the wide variety of liberal arts majors that the University offers, provide students interested in a career in law with an excellent preparation for Law School. In particular, the Core Curriculum lays a strong foundation for students preparing to take the Law Scholastic Aptitude Test (LSAT) through its central focus on critical thinking and proficiency in oral and written communication. But even more importantly, Rockhurst University's Jesuit focus upon learning, leadership and especially service to others, helps foster the key values that are necessary for a career in law and which Law Schools desire in prospective students.

Get Started.

Learn more about pre-law opportunities by contacting Ken Balusek, Ph.D., director of pre-law advising, at or 816-501-4344 or any member of the Advisory Group.