Pre-Dentistry Post-Baccalaureate Program

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Program Description 

As a profession, dentistry has long been and will continue to be in high demand — and it all begins with pre-dentistry. The pre-dentistry program at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, is an active program for those who wish to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry. The program's liberal arts core, along with a major in biology or chemistry, meets all the medical and dental school requirements of science and non-science courses.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students pursuing a pre-dentistry track at Rockhurst will obtain the critical thinking skills essential to succeeding in admission tests and professional practice, as well as in understanding how to become a dentist.
  • Students will meet the requirements needed to continue on the academic road to becoming a dentist.

Course Map 

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • From the first declaration of intention, the pre-dentistry student is assigned a member of the pre-medical and pre-dental advisory committee as an academic adviser. The adviser sees that students meet the course requirements on schedule and encourages them to maintain high performance and remain motivated.
  • The pre-medical and pre-dental committee interviews the prospective pre-dentistry applicant during their junior year and writes the official letter of recommendation.


  • Pre-dentistry students are prepared for the MCAT (Medical College Aptitude Test) or the DAT (Dental Aptitude Tests).
  • Rockhurst pre-dentistry students are uniquely qualified to attend one of many prestigious colleges that offer dental programs, continuing their dental school journeys toward a high-demand and expanding career path.