Physics of Medicine Minor

Physics students

The Physics of Medicine minor (POM) is designed for students interested in careers in medicine and healthcare.  It can easily be combined with other disciplines to deepen students’ understanding of physics principles applicable to an integrated study of science and medicine.  Pre-health and pre-medical students have combined the POM Minor with such disciplines as Biology, Biochemistry, Exercise Science, French, Business, Philosophy, etc.  To complete the POM Minor, students will choose four POM courses (12.0 credit hours) from the following list:  Physics of the Body I, Physics of the Body II, Optics in Medicine, Physics of Medical Imaging, and Statistics for the Health Sciences.

Physics of Medicine students experience a unique hands-on curriculum that focuses on deep conceptual understanding of physics as it applies to other sciences, medicine and healthcare. Our graduates leave Rockhurst with strong communication and critical thinking skills that enable them to integrate their scientific understanding with their desired career path.  

The Physics of Medicine curriculum was developed under a National Science Foundation grant award. The active learning, hands-on curricular modules developed under the grant (Physics of the Respiratory System and Fiber Optics in Medicine) have won national awards from the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). In large part due to the Physics of Medicine track, Rockhurst ranks first in the nation in awarding a second degree in physics to females and 7th nationally in awarding a second degree in physics to all genders.

A complete list of requirements can be found on the catalog page.

For more information, contact

Dr. Nancy Donaldson, ext. 4634
Chair, Physics Dept.