Spanish Degree

Student walking on campus

Program Description 

The Major in Spanish provides a base of knowledge in areas like language, literature, culture, film, professional and medical Spanish. The sequence of courses will lead to a senior capstone on a research topic that fascinates you, along with personalized mentoring for it. The major concentration in Spanish consists of a minimum of 21 upper-division semester hours of coursework. A Spanish major can be combined with another major or minor such as pre-med, education and nursing, among others. 

The mission of the Spanish program is to cultivate appreciation and respect of other cultures, sensitivity to issues of social justice, and the ability to communicate well with the people of those cultures in their language.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Advanced communication skills in Spanish 
  • The ability to develop multicultural perspectives and an understanding, appreciation and respect for another culture  
  • Critical and creative thinking in the target language 
  • Awareness of social justice in another region 
  • Insight into one’s own language and culture

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Modern languages faculty-led summer Study Abroad Programs
  • Courses focused around service learning
  • International service trips
  • Community engagement at organizations such as the Cabot Clinic and the Guadalupe Center in Kansas City
  • SOL (Student Organization of Latinos) activities and opportunities for leadership as officers, etc.
  • Sigma Delta Pi (National Hispanic Honor Society)


Graduates of the Spanish program pursue careers in:  

  • Medical professions 
  • International business  
  • Education 
  • International foreign affairs  
  • Law