Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Undergraduate Certificate

Rockhurst's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan calls for engaging students, faculty, staff, alumni, neighbors, community partners and friends of the University in learning varied perspectives related to diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. To address this call, Rockhurst created a two-year, educational and scholarship framework focused on increasing learning and understanding, as well as educating on critical issues related to equity, inclusion, social justice and diversity.

The DEI Undergraduate Certificate program is credit-bearing and enhances individuals’ skill sets and career paths in academia, non-profit industries, business, education, public service and healthcare. A DEI Graduate Certificate is also available. 

DEI Undergraduate Certificate Program Goals

Upon completion of this undergraduate certificate, students will be able to:

  1. Engage in reflection upon their own cultures and identities
  2. Identify and analyze their implicit biases 
  3. Explain the historical, political, social and economic contexts that influence institutions, societies and human life
  4. Correlate diverse and inclusive populations within organizations and societies with improved social and economic outcomes 
  5. Develop a plan to promote diverse, equitable and inclusive environments, communities and organizations

The program promotes a more inclusive campus and community by educating students on topics related to culture, racial relations, discrimination prevention, intercultural competency, and implicit bias, as well as promoting inclusivity and belonging. 

Course Work

The certificate program requires 15 credit hours of courses, consisting of ED 4340 and 12 credits of the following courses that are already offered at Rockhurst. Up to six credit hours of these courses may be used to fulfill the related hours used in the major. There is also a three-credit capstone course all students are required to take.

Required courses:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Capstone (ED 4340, 3 credit hours)

Students will choose nine credit hours of elective courses from the following: 

  • Global Issues and Community Health (2) 
  • Compassionate Listening (2) 
  • Foundations of Education (2) 
  • Introduction to Human Geography (3) 
  • An Ignatian Approach to Difficult Dialogues on Differences & Divisions (1)
  • Community Engagement (Prerequisite or Concurrent: Intro to Social Impact Leadership) (3)
  • Sociological and Ethical Issues in Sport (3)
  • Foundations of Special Education (3) 
  • Social and Affective Interventions (3) 
  • The Immigrants’ Experiences in America (3) 
  • Race and Identity in America (3) 
  • Religion, Ethnicity and Race (3) 
  • Christianity and Women (3) 
  • World Religions (3) 
  • Women and Science (3) 
  • Social Class in America (3) 
  • Women and Literature (3) 
  • Contest and Sexuality in Early English and Modern Literature (3) 
  • African American Literature (3) 
  • Advanced Conversation and Composition I (3)
  • Advanced Conversation and Composition II (3)
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)
  • Survey of Latin-American Literature I (3)
  • Survey of Latin-American Literature II (3)
  • Survey of Spanish Literature I (3)
  • Survey of Spanish Literature II (3)
  • Latin American and U.S. Latina Women’s Literature (3)
  • U.S. Latino Literature (3)
  • Seminar in Medical Ethics (3)
  • Leading Collaborative Change (3)
  • Introduction to French Literature (3)

Please see the University Catalog for course descriptions and requirements.  

For questions and information related to the DEI Undergraduate Certificate, Rockhurst's undergraduate certificate programs, or the application process, please contact us