STEAM Education Graduate Certificate

This program brings K-12 educators together in a professional development setting with a curriculum that focuses on high-quality, innovative, contemporary, and transformative teaching and learning practices. Students will learn to integrate technology into all parts of their curriculum, giving their classroom a modern and future-focused approach to teaching.

Earn a graduate-level certificate after completing 12 credit hours (4 courses) of STEAM education. Rockhurst accommodates busy schedules with classes offered blended and online during Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.

Learning Outcomes

  • The student uses innovative practices and integrates technology in their curriculum and instruction.
  • The student uses technology for assessment.
  • The student is a reflective practitioner who continually assesses the effects of choices and actions on others.
  • The student knows how others learn, develop, and differ in their approaches to learning. The student provides learning opportunities that support the intellectual, social, and personal development of all.

Required Courses

  • ED 6630 - STEAM Education:​Research-Based Curriculum Development and Integration (3)
  • ED 7050 - Integrating Arts into STEAM Curriculum (3)
  • ED 7030 - Design Thinking: Pedagogy, Practice and Projects (3)
  • Elective Courses: Students need to choose 3 credit hours:
  • ED 7040 - Technology Leadership (3)
  • ED 7010 - Education in a Changing World (3)
  • ED 7940 - Capstone Project in Educational Studies (1)
  • ED 8350 - College Teaching Practicum (3)

Further Your Career

The STEAM Education Graduate Certificate can help students excel in a variety of fields and careers, such as:

  • STEAM Director
  • Experiential Learning Curriculum Director
  • Instructional Coach
  • Project Lead the Way Instructor
  • STEAM Educator
  • Educational Consultant

For more information, see the course catalog page here.