Master of Education in Educational Studies

Master of Education in Educational Studies

Whether you want to start a new teaching career or advance in your current position, our M.Ed degree can get you there in-person or online.

About Our M.Ed. Program

The Rockhurst University Master of Education in Educational Studies is designed for educators looking to advance in their current position, improve their educational practice and become leaders in their professional settings.

Students in the Master of Education degree program analyze alternatives in curricula, evaluate teaching methodologies and assessment strategies, as well as consider the implications of such alternatives for a multicultural society. Through rigorous coursework, varied field experiences and service learning projects, students acquire a deep understanding of, and special sensitivity to, the challenges and rewards of leading in an educational setting.

Rockhurst accommodates busy schedules with classes offered face-to-face, blended, and online. All courses start at 5 p.m., allowing students to work part-time or full-time day jobs. Field experiences and service learning projects may require some scheduling flexibility, however.

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The Master of Education in Educational Studies requires 34-36 credit hours. Students in the program choose one of four concentration areas:

Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) with K-12 focus

Teacher Leadership

Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment

The curriculum, teaching, and assessment concentration is designed to prepare educators in schools or other professional settings to deliver instruction for a wide range of student learning styles, motivations and abilities. Students in this concentration area spend a significant amount of time in diverse school settings during the day. Special attention is given to incorporating new theories of classroom instruction, teaching with technology, integrating teaching and assessment methods across subject areas, as well as equipping you with the knowledge and ability to write curriculum that will benefit your organization.

STEAM (K-12)

The STEAM concentration is designed to provide K-12 teachers with the ability to research, analyze and apply the Design Thinking approach with best practices in the 21st-century classroom. Special attention is given to innovative instruction, integrations of project-based assessment and service learning projects, classroom management, the use of technology and inclusion of the arts in the development of effective K-12 learning environments that involve creating solutions to real-world problems.

Educational leaders are invited to join a cohort of educators from across the map earning their M.Ed in Educational Studies with a concentration in STEAM.

As a part of the cohort, educators complete two courses per semester and receive the following benefits:

  • Two options for program delivery: 100% Online or Blended delivery of online and face-to-face courses
  • Small class sizes offer individualized attention from faculty

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Teacher Leadership

The Teacher Leadership concentration is designed for educators pursuing transformative leadership roles. Effective leaders are critical to the creation and maintenance of inclusive, effective learning environments at all levels of education and within professional settings. Special attention is given to leadership knowledge and skills to identify and implement innovative solutions for affecting transformational change in their community.