Residential Spaces

The spaces listed below are the best options for individuals or groups looking to host a large group of people overnight. McGee and Corcoran are the best options for groups with children or adults intending to stay for a short period of time (ex: one week – 10 days).  The Townhouse Villages (THVs), On Campus Houses (OCHs), or Rock Row are best for groups who intend to stay for a prolonged amount of time (ex: a month or longer).  These spaces are only available for rent during the summer months when regular University classes are not in session. In addition to the amenities listed below, whenever there are individuals staying in University housing, there are student and professional staff on-call at all times to respond to questions, facility issues, and safety and security concerns. There is also a Security Department on campus that keeps two trained officers on duty at all times, 24/7, 365 days a year. 

If you or your group are interested in booking one of the spaces below, please fill out the Overnight Event Application or Summer Internship Application.

Traditional Residence Halls

McGee and Corcoran are the two traditional residence halls on Rockhurst’s campus. These residence halls contain traditional, two-person rooms, with communal bathrooms on each floor. Each building is accessed via a swipe card system to ensure the safety and security of the building’s residents. Each building also has a front desk, which can be staffed by University personnel, upon request. Every room in these two buildings comes equipped with one set of furnishings per person that include: a bed, dresser, desk, chair and side table. Finally, there are laundry facilities, a TV lounge, vending machines and recreation areas in both McGee and Corcoran.

McGee Hall

Corcoran Hall

Apartment-Style Residential Facilities

The Townhouse Villages (THVs), On Campus Houses (OCHs), and Rock Row facilities are apartment-style units on campus.  

Townhouse Villages

  • A 4-person, suite-style apartment with a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms
  • Comes fully furnished, with a kitchen table and chairs, living room furniture, and enough bedroom furniture for each individual, including: a bed, dresser, desk, chair, and side table
  • The THVs are located in a gated community, accessed via a swipe card
  • A community center in the middle of the THV units is equipped with laundry facilities

On Campus Houses (OCHs)

  • Houses can sleep between 2 – 5 individuals and are located just north of the main campus
  • Each house has a kitchen, washer, dryer, and at least one bathroom
  • The house comes furnished with kitchen appliances, a bed for each inhabitant, a kitchen table and chairs, and living room furniture
  • Each house also comes equipped with a security system

Rock Row

  • Rock Row consists of eight units that can sleep up to four individuals
  • Each individual has a private bedroom and shares a bathroom with one other person
  • These units come partially furnished during the summer with kitchen appliances, a washer, dryer, a bed for each inhabitant, and living room furniture
  • Those living in Rock Row have their own parking lot behind the units
  • Each unit is accessed by a swipe card