Degree Works


What is Degree Works?

  • Degree Works is a tool to assist students, advisors, and faculty with monitoring a student's academic progress. Degree Works organizes coursework in an easy-to-read degree audit summarizing completed requirements for a degree, as well as those that are still missing. It also shows how each requirement has been satisfied and what courses can be taken to complete any remaining requirements.
  • The degree audit provided by Degree Works does not replace the need for students to consult with their advisor.

Do I still need an academic advisor?

  • Yes. Degree Works does not take the place of meeting with an academic advisor or faculty advisor. You advisor is your first point of contact about your degree audit. Always review your degree audit prior to meeting with your advisor and prepare ahead of time any questions you may have regarding your degree requirements.

Is the Degree Works audit the same as a transcript?

  • No. A Degree Works worksheet is an UNOFFICIAL advising and planning tool. It is not an official record of your academic history nor is it a confirmation of degree completion. 

How do I print a worksheet?

  • There is a printer icon on the top right of the page.

What are courses showing under the non-required, insufficient, or in-progress blocks?

  • Any in-progress or successfully completed courses which do not apply directly to a student's program are listed under the non-required courses block.
  • Courses which do not meet a grade requirement or are excluded from the program requirements are listed under the insufficient block.
  • Current course registrations and enrollments are included in the in-progress block.

How does Degree Works determine where to place in-progress or completed courses in a degree audit?

  • Degree Works looks at your program in its entirety and places each course in a "best fit" scenaro. The process is not always perfect, especialy when multiple possibilities exist. Placement of courses may rearrange as you take additional courses. 

What if there is an error with my degree audit?

  • Degree Works is new and we are actively fixing issues. Contact your adivsor with any issues and they will direct your concern to the appropriate individual.

Do I use Degree Works to register for classes?

  • No. You will register for classes through your student portal at

What does the @ symbol mean in my degree audit?

  • The @ symbol is a wild card in Degree Works.
    • If the @ symbol apperas before course numbers (e.g., @ 3000:4990), it means you can take any course at the 3000 level or higher.
    • If the @ symbol apperas after a subject prefix (e.g. MG @) it means you can take any course with the MG prefix.
    • If the @ symbol appears twice together after credit hours (3 Credits in @ @) it means you can take any course at any course level, as long as it is worth 3 credit hours.

When should I review my Degree Works worksheet?

  • Before meeting with your advisor
  • Before registering for classes
  • After registering for classes to ensure the courses selected have applied to your degree correctly
  • Any time a change is made to your schedule
  • After grades are posted each semester
  • Prior to graduation to confirm all degree requirements will be met

Who do I contact with questions?

  • Your first point of contact will always be your advisor. You can find your advisor's information by clicking the envelope in the top right of your worksheet.
  • If you and your advisor still have questions, contact