Philosophy Student Opportunities

Annual Wilfred LaCroix, S.J. Summer Student Scholarships

The Department of Philosophy awards up to two student research scholarships each academic year. The scholarships are aimed at promoting original student research into important topics in philosophy, and students will work under the guidance of a faculty mentor from the Department.  The research award is for the summer months (May-August). Each scholarship is for $1,500, which will be paid in two equal installments over the summer. 

The scholarship competition is open to philosophy majors and minors only.  Applications are normally submitted to the Chair of the Department in the latter half of the spring semester, for a May announcement of the winners. The application process normally involves the following: a 2-3 page description of the proposed project, including a description of readings; a brief letter of recommendation from a faculty member with whom the student has taken a course; the name of the faculty member from the Department who will mentor the project; the student's current GPA. The Department always reserves the right not to award any scholarships in a given year.

Applicants must be in residence in Kansas City during the duration of the scholarship. A copy of the completed project must be on file with the Chair of the Department before the beginning of the next academic year. 

Announcement of this scholarship competition is normally made in April each year.

The Annual Biersmith Scholarships

The Biersmith Scholarships honor the memory of Edward L. Biersmith.  The scholarships are open to philosophy majors. Applicants must have and maintain a 3.00 Quality Point Average in courses in both philosophy and theology.  The Department of Philosophy shall make the awards each year in conjunction with the Office of Financial Aid.  All scholarship recipients will be required to write letters of appreciation to donors or their designees.  Two scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each are usually available. The Department reserves the right not to award scholarships in any given year. 

Application forms and the application procedure are usually announced mid-spring each year.

The Annual Rossner Philosophy Medal Essay Contest

Each year the Department offers the Award of the Rossner Medal for the finest submitted philosophy paper of the year.  This award carries a cash prize of $500, and the winner's name is also inscribed on the Rossner Plaque, permanently on display in the Department.  Essays can be submitted on any topic in philosophy.  The essay must be the student's own work, and should contain original research which shows evidence of critical analysis of the topic of the paper.  The essay must be documented, and must be informed by the work of philosophers who have make a contribution to the subject of the paper. 

The Rossner Medal Essay Contest is usually announced in late spring, with papers normally due toward the end of the spring semester.