Philosophy: LaCroix Lecture Series

The Rockhurst University Philosophy Department established the annual LaCroix Lecture Series in 2001 in order to provide Rockhurst students, and the wider Rockhurst community, with stimulating presentations by distinguished thinkers on topics both of current relevance and historical significance. The Series is named in honor of (the late) Fr. Wilfred LaCroix. S.J., long time distinguished member of the Philosophy Department. 

Past lecturers include:


Spring 2019
Fr. Lawrence Fernandes, SJ, Ph.D.
Satya Nilayam Philosophy Center, and Loyola College, Chennai, India
“Popular Religiosity: A Hindu-Christian Encounter”

Spring 2018
Dr. Edward Macierowski
Benedictine College
“Christianity and Islam in Dialogue”

Fall 2017
Mr. Ján Figeľ
Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion, European Commission
“Religious Freedom in a changing world: the European Union Perspective”

Spring 2017
Bro. Guy Consolmagno, S.J.
Vatican Observatory
The Jesuit Influence in Astronomy

Fall 2016
Dr. Andy Gustafson
Creighton University
"In Praise of Eccentricity: Why Authentic Freedom of Speech Benefits All of Us (according to John Stuart Mill)"

Spring 2015
Dr. John Dudley
Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium 
"Aristotle's views on chance, and their contemporary relevance"

Fall 2014
Fr. Francis Clooney, S.J., Ph.D.
Harvard University
"How should we approach other religions?"

Fall 2013
Dr. Jamie Spiering
Benedictine College
"Human Free Will:  We Need It, But Is It Real?"

Spring 2013
Dr. Bruce Ballard
Lincoln University
"Moral Error as a Source of Intellectual Error"

Fall 2011
Fr. Andrew Murray, Ph.D.
Catholic Institute of Sydney, and the Australian National University
"The Contemporary Relevance of Aristotle's Politics"

Spring 2011
Dr. Catherine Green
Rockhurst University
"Nursing and Philosophy, A Synergy: How both disciplines advance our understanding of what it means to be a human person"

Fall 2010
Dr. James Stedman
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
"Aristotle's Cardinal Virtues: Their application to Assessment of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy"

Spring 2009
Dr. Donald Hatcher
Baker University
"The Ethics of Belief: Why Religion must be subject to critique"

Fall 2008
Professor Andrew Apathy, JD
"The Injustice of 'Lady Justice' in Criminal Trials"

Spring 2007
Professor William Eckhardt
University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Law
"War and Morality"

Fall 2005
Dr. Piotr Jaroszynski
Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
"Catholic Perspectives on Science and Culture: Europe and America"

Spring 2004
Dr. Raymond Dennehy
University of San Francisco
"Philosophical Arguments Against Abortion"

Fall 2002
Fr. John Kavanaugh, Ph.D., S.J.
St Louis University
"Advertising and the Formation of Conscience"

Spring 2001
Dr Doug Geivett
Biola University, Los Angeles
"Why I believe in the Rationality of Miracles"

Fall 2001
Dr, Edward Macierowski
Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas
"Faith and Reason in Thomas Aquinas"