Occupational Therapy Research

Occupational Therapy Research Presentation

As part of the Rockhurst Occupational Therapy curriculum, students complete a group research project under faculty mentorship. These projects are presented at a variety of venues, e.g., AOTA, MOTA and KOTA annual conferences. Below are the research titles that were presented on November 16th, 2018:

Perspectives on Performance Reviews in School-Based Practice

OT Students: Elaina Bradley, Lauren Durst, Shannon Howland, Anna Lower, Rebecca Roeber, Morgan Stark, Addison Torchia, Mary Wichmer 

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Ketti Johnson Coffelt & Dr. Joan Ziegler Delahunt


Measuring the Efficacy of Multiple Dosages of Pediatric Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (pCIMT) in Young Children with Hemiparesis

OT Students: Michelle Deves, Nichelle Meyer, Haley Padgett, Jenna Richardson, Jordan Shy

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katie Ryan-Bloomer


The Use of the iPhone Leveling Application in Measuring Wrist and Forearm Range of Motion

OT Students: Adrian Cochren, John Dickens, Kara Greiner, Margaret Munro, Jessica Tietz

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sunni Alford


Occupation Based Leisure Program for Female Offenders

OT Students: Elhonei Alemu, Jacky Chia Chi Cho, Briana Drury, Alyssia Salinas, Kiley Zwick

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mylene Schriner


Exploring the Effectiveness of Supplemental Video Demonstration in the Instruction of Goniometry and Manual Muscle Testing of the Upper Extremity

OT Students: Julia Faltin, Alyssa Garde, Tara Guinotte, Joshua Johnson, Hannah Medler

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sunni Alford & Sierra Grady


Exploring Relationships Between Cognition and Independent Living Skills in Adults in a Housing First Program

OT Students: Mikaelyn Dick, Benjamin Duncan, Garrett Folchert, Kristen Kufahl, Jill Swart Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lynne Clarke


Efficacy of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) to Improve Upper Limb Function, Bimanual Coordination, and Occupational Performance in Adolescents

OT Students: Kailey Boyd, Annelies Brock, Stephanie McElwrath, Ashley Race, Paige Richards

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katie Ryan-Bloomer


A Comparison Study Measuring the Effectiveness of a Pediatric Sensory Adaptive Approach on Functional Cognition

OT Students: Alexandria Buehne, Rebekah Crown, Anne Halsted, Kaneisha Hoehn, Ashley Sharp

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ketti Johnson-Coffelt


Exploring Lifestyle Factors and BMI in Children from Vulnerable Populations

OT Students: Elliott Johnson, Suzanne Remy, Dani Schwarz, Kathleen Tobin, Kelsey Wright

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joan Delahunt