Occupational Therapy Research

Occupational Therapy Student Presentation

As part of the Rockhurst Occupational Therapy curriculum, students complete a group research project under faculty mentorship. These projects are presented at a variety of venues, e.g., AOTA, MOTA and KOTA annual conferences. Below are the research titles that will be presented on Friday, November 22nd at our annual Research Presentation Day from 2:00 - 6:00 PM in the Arrupe Auditorium:

Exploring Occupational Therapy's Role in 3D Prosthetics

OT Students: Nicole Anderson, Leah Guensche, Tiffany Hoffman, Rachel Landon, Nicole Mueller

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sunni Alford

Exploring the Reliability of Measuring Wrist Range of Motion Using a Digital Photograph Compared to Face to Face Goniometric Assessment

OT Students: Becca Duncan, Allison Fox, Hannah Larson, Rikki Seeberger

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sunni Alford

Exploring How Individuals Maintain Positive Psychological Functioning and Resilience in the Face of Adversity

OT Students: Allison Bamford, Katie Donaho, Sarah Griffard, Mary Kate Skaggs, Jenna Wiebelhaus

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lynne Clarke

Exploring Relationships of Physical Activity, Sensory Processing and BMI Within Early Adolescence

OT Students: Wesley Crowdus, Bailee Jensen, Levi McPeak, Natalie VanDorn

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joan Delahunt

Perceptions of Entry-Level School-Based Occupational Therapy Practitioners

OT Students: Kaitlin Farmerie, Mallory Hickey, Allison Palmer, Theresa Schaller

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joan Delahunt

The Impact of Experiential Learning on Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity in Occupational Therapy Students

OT Students: Mary Chipley, Grace Hoflen, Kristi Immethun, Molly Root, Amber Schmitt

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sierra Grady

A Comparison Study Measuring the Effectiveness of a Pediatric Sensory Adaptive Approach on Functional Cognition

OT Students: Hannah Fenton, Ashley Howard, Emma Kelly, Kaitlin Petersen, Katelyn Sherpe

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ketti Johnson-Coffelt

Measuring the Efficacy of Intensive Group-Based Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) for Young Children 2-6 Years of Age

OT Students: Kaylee Farmer, Alexandra Goosen, Jessie Tien, Molly Vaeth

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katherine Ryan-Bloomer

Measuring the Efficacy of Hybrid Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and Hand-Arm Bimanual Therapy (HABIT) Program on Older Elementary-School Aged Children and Adolescents

OT Students: Sarah Harig, GA Nevins, Emily Renna, Meredith Shackleford

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katherine Ryan-Bloomer

Measuring Functional Cognition with the Test of Grocery Shopping Skills: A Normative Data Study

OT Students: Adam Alfaro, Nicolette Lynch, Taryn McReynolds, Abby Walsh, Mallory Wilhite

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liz Zayat