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Mariah Schneider, Rockhurst accounting student and future MBA graduate

Former Transfer Student Goes From Full-Time Server to Future CPA

As an 18-year-old high school graduate, Mariah Schneider made the decision to stay in her hometown of Kansas City and find a full-time job. She ended up at one of Rockhurst students’ favorite places to eat in nearby Brookside, Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant, for more than 10 years.

Schneider’s life is much different now than she was at 18: The former National Honor Society member is about to graduate from Rockhurst with an Accounting degree, is a new mom, just finished choosing among several prestigious internship options through RU, and will be pursuing her MBA in 2023 (also at Rockhurst).

Jack Alsbach works with Camryn Keaton in the Learning Center

Students Use Teaching in Learning Center to Propel Careers in Education

The student support network at Rockhurst is strong and is made stronger by student leaders who serve as tutors or student instructors in the Learning Center.

The service isn’t just for the student receiving the extra instruction, however. Many tutors and SI’s go on to pursue careers in education – several deciding on this direction or a new direction after working in the Learning Center.


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