Life in KC

Life in KC

There are countless reasons why you should call Kansas City home for the next four years – or beyond!

#8 In the U.S. for Hottest Job Markets

source: Wall Street Journal, 2022

#8 In the U.S. for Quality of Life

source: Numbeo, 2020

#11 In the U.S. for Most Livable City

source: Far & Wide, 2023

What To Do in KC

Day or night, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Kansas City. Here are some of the things you can partake in to your heart’s content in K.C.

Country Club Plaza

A quick 10-minute walk from Rockhurst’s campus, the Plaza provides an upscale shopping, restaurant and entertainment experience for students and locals alike.


Just a hop and a skip from the Plaza, this trendy spot is one of KC’s oldest and most unique entertainment districts. With varied options at your disposal, there’s bound to be a restaurant or bar that fits your vibe.

River Market

Nestled on the outskirts of downtown and on the Missouri River, River Market is home to the Midwest’s largest Farmer’s Market and a neighborhood booming with young professionals who enjoy that everything is within walking distance. 

The Great Outdoors

With picnicking and running/biking trails at Loose Park (walking distance from Rockhurst), Penn Valley Park, and more, you can spend your days basking in the Midwestern sun and enjoying all of the fresh air.

A Reason to Cheer

KC is home to several professional teams, including the NFL champion Chiefs, MLB’s Royals, and MLS’s Sporting KC, all of whom have won championships since 2013. Our newest professional team is the KC Current of the National Women's Professional Soccer League. There's a reason why Kansas City is called the Soccer Capital of America. 

Concerts and the Arts

Kansas City has some of the top concerts and shows come through at venues like the T-Mobile Center, StarlightThe Midland, Uptown Theater, and The Truman. But don't forget to explore the fantastic and free Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, performances at The Kauffman Center, and KC's famous jazz music at the Blue Room inside the Jazz Museum.

For the Foodies

Of course, Kansas City is known for the best barbecue in the world. Joe's was named one of Anthony Bourdain's 13 places to eat at before you die, Jack Stack brings an upscale flavor without losing KC's soul, Char Bar adds some outdoor fun to the experience, and there are endless other places to explore like Q39, Gates, Arthur Bryant's, and LC's. 

Locations in relation to Rockhurst


My favorite part about living in Kansas City would be all of the new things to see. My friends and I like to try new restaurants and find little stores throughout the city on the weekends. I think it is impossible to get bored in KC because there is so much to do and see. I don't think I'll ever see it all.

– Claire from St. Louis

Graduate and Get a Job

98% of Rockhurst graduates report being employed within 6 months of graduation – many of them have jobs lined up even before graduation. Part of this is because of the strong academic reputation and network Rockhurst has in the city, but a big part of it is because Kansas City has a thriving economy with jobs galore.

Employment has been growing for over a decade with no signs of slowing down.* Pair that with a low cost of living, and it certainly sounds like a pretty good life!

*(source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)