FAQs - KC Scholars Financial Aid Package at Rockhurst University

What do we offer KC Scholars Traditional Scholarship winners?

We offer traditional KC Scholars a financial aid package that covers all but $5,500 of standard direct costs (tuition, fees, room and board if living on campus) every year.

How can they pay that $5,500?

They can use their student loans, payment plan, out of pocket or other external scholarships. They cannot use additional Rockhurst aid.

Does the package ever change?


What are “direct costs” exactly?

Full-time undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, base residence hall, and 5-day meal plan.

What isn’t covered?

Campus parking pass, upgraded housing or meal plan, insurance plan, textbooks, supplies, lab fees for lab courses, deposit and orientation fees.

Do KC Scholars Traditional Scholarship winners have to live on campus?

No, but the cost to the student ($5,500) will be the same whether living on campus or not.

What about DACA students?

DACA KC Scholars will receive the same award. They just will not have access to the federal student loans offered to them through FAFSA. They can pay that $5,500 using external scholarships, payment plan, or out of pocket.

What about adult learners?

  • If a full-time adult learner earns the KC Scholars award of $10,000, they are eligible for the same program: RU covers all but $5,500 of direct costs every year.
  • If a part-time adult learner earns the $5,000 KC Scholars award, this can be used in conjunction with Pell grants and other loans to cover costs.

What about the College Savings Match students?

Those students are not eligible for this program unless they’re also a traditional KC Scholars winner.

What if a student loses their KC Scholars award?

The student would no longer be eligible for the same award at RU. The award is based on their KC Scholars award.

What are the continuing requirements for KC Scholars at Rockhurst University?

  • All KC Scholar RU students will need to complete their FAFSA by February 1st every year. If a student does not, they could forfeit additional state funding and be responsible for that out of pocket.
  • All KC Scholar RU students will need to work with their Success Coach, Ashley Halter and attend the scheduled events.