Alcohol & Drug Education

In keeping with the Rockhurst and Jesuit values, Alcohol and Drug Education serves as a leader in the prevention and reduction of alcohol and drug abuse and partner with stakeholders across the University to cultivate an environment that offers the intellectual, moral, and religious development of Rockhurst students.

Education and Campus Awareness

  • Orientation Programs - Party 101
  • AlcoholEDU for College - AlcoholEDU for College is an online course designed to educate students about alcohol and its effects.
  • Guide for Freshman Parents – an online and paper guide sent to all parents about alcohol and drug use among college students
  • FYE Alcohol Education Program
  • AIM Course
  • Student Health 101 - an online newsletter sent monthly to students
  • Social Mentors - The RU Social Crew helps welcome and acquaint new students to Rockhurst. Social Mentors help freshman integrate into campus life by providing on- and off-campus activities and offering social support.
  • PEERS Organization
  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Social Norm Campaign: Be Responsible. Focusing on correcting the misperceptions about alcohol on the Rockhurst campus.

Training and Peer Educators

  • Greek 101 Facilitators
  • Social Mentors
  • PEERS Organization 
  • Bystander Initiative Training

The “BeResponsible.” campaign is to support students in making safe and healthy decisions about alcohol that will help reduce the harm related to drinking—physical, emotional, social, academic, or legal. Students are young adults who have the freedom to make their own decisions and it is our goal to provide an environment that promotes responsibility.

Each year, the Missouri College Health Behavior Survey is administered to a random sample of Rockhurst undergraduate students to learn more about the attitudes, perceptions, and behavior concerning alcohol. The survey participation is voluntary and anonymous. Survey results indicate that most students at Rockhurst drink in moderation or not at all; however many students believe that their peers are drinking at a higher rate than is actually accurate. In an effort to educate students on what the “norm” really is we are providing accurate percentages below and through the “BeResponsible.” campaign. 

Please help educate our students by explaining the purpose of a social norming campaign and promoting positive awareness and responsibility. For more information, please contact Riley O'Dell, Assistant Director of Student Life.

As part of our comprehensive alcohol prevention program, Rockhurst University expects each member of the freshman class to complete AlcoholEDU for College – an online, non-opinionated, science-based course taken by hundreds of thousands of students each year. 

In line with our University value, cura personalis – “care for the whole person”, we are committed to caring for others in and outside the classroom. Therefore, whether you choose to drink or not, AlcoholEDU will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help you better respond to the alcohol-related decisions of your peers. 

For Students
Link to AlcoholEDU for College Course
Directions to AlcoholEDU Login (PDF)

For Parents
Link to AlcoholEDU for Parents
Directions to AlcoholEDU Login (PDF)