Apply to Be a Note Taker

The role of note taker is significantly important to ensure a student who needs accommodation has equal access to the course content. Note takers should possess the ability to focus and take comprehensive and well-structured notes. In addition, it is essential that note takers maintain confidentiality at all times.

Note taker process and timeline:

  1. Following an instructor announcement in class requesting a note-taker, a student wishing to serve in that role will register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).
  2. Complete and return the “Note Taker Contract” to the DRC. The form must be filed with the DRC before note-taking services can be initiated and compensation can be provided.
  3. Provide notes to April Gray at or make weekly copies of notes in Massman 3 through the entirety of the course.
  4. Note takers are paid $90 per course upon completion of the course.