Accommodations Procedure



Complete and submit a DRC application in one of the following ways:
- Apply online
- Pick up a physical copy in Massman 3


Provide documentation. Our documentation guidelines are listed below:

  1. A qualified professional must provide the diagnosis. Documentation must include the following information about the service provider:
    1. Name
    2. Title
    3. Professional credentials
    4. Area of specialization
  2. Documentation must be submitted on the official letterhead of the service provider describing the disability. 
  3. Documentation must include a specific diagnosis and date of diagnosis.
    ​Examples of documentation that could be included:
    1. Diagnosis, date of diagnosis and last contact with the student
    2. Description of symptoms which meet the criteria for the diagnosis
    3. A list of current medication(s), dosage, frequency, and adverse side effects
    4. How the disability affects the student physically
    5. Diagnostic testing that indicates diagnosis
  4. Documentation must include an interpretative summary or letter:
    1. Satisfactorily verifies the extent and/or impact the disability has on the individual;
    2. Specific recommendations for accommodations;
    3. Indication of how specific accommodations would mediate symptoms

Submit documentation via mail, fax, email, or deliver in person:

Email: (the ideal way to send documentation during covid- 19) 
Fax: 816-501-4822
Office: Disability Resource Center- Massman 003


A DRC Coordinator will contact you with an appointment time to discuss your accommodation requests. An application and all documentation must be provided before an appointment will be scheduled.