Student Life

Nursing Students

Student Life

Getting involved on campus is fun and has a positive impact on your academic career. Through participation in school-sponsored events and involvement in student organizations, you will be engaged and connected. During your time as a student, you will be invited to participate in a number of luncheons, speaker events, and a variety of fairs or you may choose to join one of our student organizations below.

Honor Society

Saint Luke’s College students are considered for STTI Honor Society membership after they have:

 - Completed their first two semesters of their program
 - Demonstrated academic excellence
 - Demonstrated leadership potential
 - S1 and S2 BSN students are sent their invitations to the Honor Society in the spring semester of the school year

Nurse leaders are considered for STTI Honor Society membership after they have:

 - Completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing
 - Held a nursing license
 - Demonstrated achievement in nursing

Questions about STTI? Please email chapter president, Mary Goodrich at or faculty advisor Jill Morsbach at

Peer Mentors

Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences provides academic help to students through peer mentoring. Peer mentors are trained to facilitate learning and mentor students across BSN cohorts. They facilitate regular small-group study sessions, course reviews, and exam reviews for selected classes helping students to master course material and to prepare for examinations. They also facilitate student learning in the skills lab. One-on-one tutoring may be available if additional assistance is needed after regular attendance at the study sessions, course reviews, and exam reviews.

Peer mentors also serve in a leadership role for special campus events and assist with new student orientations. Peer mentors are recruited based on faculty recommendations and their grades in Foundations, Adult Health, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology. Faculty recommend BSN students with adequate grades to apply and interview for a peer mentor position. The College employs 12-17 peer mentors each semester.

Student Government

Every Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences student is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA is a member of the American Student Government Association and is involved in a number of activities throughout the College including:

  • Awarding the monthly Saint Award to faculty and staff who demonstrate the criteria aligned with the College values
  • Sponsoring the yearly Spring Gala
  • Hosting speaker events to introduce students to careers in health care and evidence-based practice research
  • Supporting the Love Your Melon organization
  • Hosting the flu shot clinic and College blood drive

The goals of the College SGA are as follows:

  • To serve as the voice of the student body to the community at the College
  • To serve as a liaison between the student body and the College administration
  • To foster student unity
  • To provide financial support for events, projects, and organizations that benefits the total education of the student body

Student Nursing Association

Saint Luke’s Student Nursing Association’s (SLSNA) mission is to support the student nurses in their endeavors to achieve the highest standard of professional nursing education by providing opportunities for community service, supporting future leaders, enhancing professional development, and student advocacy. SLSNA is a branch of the Missouri Nursing Students Association (MONSA) and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). There are several committees including:

  •  Community: Provides community service opportunities
  •  Ways & Means: Provides student nursing merchandise
  •  Historian: Provides information on the past, present, and future SLSNA events and opportunities
  •  Bylaws: Maintains and updates the SLSNA bylaws to coincide with NSNA bylaws
  •  Professional Development: Provides professional development opportunities to the student body