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The RockCast is a college podcast made by Rockhurst University students for Rockhurst University students... and anyone interested in life at Rockhurst. Students hold discussions on current events, campus news and activities, advice for thriving at Rockhurst... and almost everything the listeners submit for discussion topics. You can find the RockCast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. To watch the Zoomcast, see our YouTube page.

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Beach chairs in Cancun, Mexico
The RockCast is back for Episode 15, recapping the Class of 2021's graduation ceremonies from the graduates' point of view. We also look at summer, summer jobs, and stepping into the job world after you've graduated. Also on the show: The cast reacts to Rockhurst requiring students to be vaccinated, and in our "I Wish I Knew" segment, the group talks about ways to help yourself prepare for the fall semester before it begins.
2018 Orientation Olympics

In the final episode before the 2021 Commencement ceremonies, our seniors look back on their time at Rockhurst and pick out their favorite memories. They also get some deep questions from their co-hosts.

Artist rendering of new Rockhurst cafeteria
The cast interviews Jason Riordan, who talks about the future of Sedgwick Hall, designing a new cafeteria, the future of Einstein's and X-L, putting in a new east entrance off The Paseo, and initial plans for another new building (and more parking) coming soon.

Also in Episode 13: A recap of RockStock, a discussion about mental health resources available to students, and an “I wish I knew” segment about how to prepare for exams. Happy Finals Week, by the way! #yougotthis
students singing at orientation
The group gives their reality checks on college life in a concluding semester, including seniors getting ready for what’s next. Also: A recap of our Rockhurst MLK Commemoration event and Paseo steps service project, Bri and Jerrit’s performances from the event, identifying college stressors and how to manage them, as well as our favorite restaurants or coffee shops near campus (In which one has Vince spent more than $800 over his four years?).
Students chatting in a coffee shop
In Episode 11 we welcome Tony Gambino from Admissions to talk about the process involved from the point someone decides to apply to Rockhurst to living on campus. We also discuss building relationships with potential students, finding and keeping roommates, as well as Ride to the Rock and other events.
Rockhurst baseball players
We've hit double-digits! In our 10th episode of The RockCast, the group welcomes two student-athletes and one of our coaches to discuss being in NCAA D2 sports at an academic school.
Students talking to each other
The group is joined this week by Dr. Leslie Doyle, Rockhurst's chief inclusion officer and head of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Leslie discusses Black History Month, Rockhurst's diversity initiatives, and how she found her way back to RU.
student thinking
This week we welcome Alicia Douglas, director of Community Relations & Outreach and director of the Rockhurst Community Center. Alicia talks about what the Center does for the community, how students can engage in the broader community, as well as Black History Month and how "Black history is happening at this moment in time. It’s happening today."
Rockhurst campus
In this week’s episode, the group welcomes special guest Angie Carr from Student Life. Angie previews all the new additions to the campus schedule this spring, including Firepit Fridays, movie nights, outdoor living rooms, and updates to the sand volleyball and basketball court.
Riot police lined up
In the first RockCast episode of 2021, the students talk about their thoughts surrounding the U.S. Capitol riots in DC, including how does the country learn from this, and how does it move forward?