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The RockCast is a college podcast made by Rockhurst University students for Rockhurst University students... and anyone interested in life at Rockhurst. Students hold discussions on current events, campus news and activities, advice for thriving at Rockhurst... and almost everything the listeners submit for discussion topics. You can find the RockCast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. To watch the Zoomcast, see our YouTube page.

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We have finally hit the end of 2020 and it’s taken us three years to get here. Our final episode of the year includes: Highlights from 2020 – the year of everything, predictions for 2021, how students got through the 2020 fall semester, grievances in a bucket full of covid, an interview with VP of Student Development Matt Quick, the best things about Winter Break, and a submitted topic – thoughts on not having Spring Break in 2021.
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At long last, the 2020 election is official. Mostly. And while that is the main podcast topic of Episode 4, it's not the only one. Our followers on Instagram gave us some topic ideas, too
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In this episode, Vince, America, and Jerrit talk about the election and its fallout (What did we learn?), social media mayhem, choosing community over chaos (and Rockhurst initiatives to promote community post-election), and how to maintain relationships during Covid.
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Jerrit and America join Bri’Yana and Vince to talk about what’s most challenging in college during 2020, Rockhurst realities vs their pre-freshman expectations, holding on to RU traditions despite the pandemic, what’s next for our seniors, and a pre-election segment where they share post-election advice for their future selves and others.
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In its debut episode, The RockCast’s Bri’Yana and Vince talk about college life during a pandemic, upper-class students’ experience vs first-year students when socializing is kept to a minimum for safety reasons, new academic and social norms, social media “conversations” and today’s culture, how change is happening on campus and beyond, the importance of voting, wishing one thing back with the snap of your fingers, and predictions on what life will be like in fall 2021.