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Most students need financial assistance to fund graduate education. This page will give you some of the basics of borrowing money to fund your studies in the DPT program. You can find additional information on the web or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at Rockhurst at 816-501-4600.

“Cost of Education”
Students are eligible to borrow enough money each year to cover the “Total Cost of Education.” This is the sum of tuition and fees plus an estimate for books, room & board, transportation and personal living expenses. Although it is possible to borrow up to the cost of education, we strongly encourage you to borrow only as much as you absolutely need to fund your education  to limit debt, if possible. Current tuition and fees for graduate students

Student Loans
Graduate students typically borrow money to support their education through federal and state loan programs, including the following.

  • Federal Grad PLUS Loan, also called a Graduate PLUS loan, is a federal student loan available to graduate and professional school students. For information on federal loans go to U.S. Department of Education:
  • Federal Stafford Loans are available once the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been completed. You will need to submit a FAFSA so that Rockhurst can verify that you are eligible for financial aid. You can start the process online at 

Work Opportunities
Departments within the College of Health and Human Services have limited, paid assistantships available to students to assist with administrative tasks, faculty research, and other departmental initiatives.

Be Smart – Be Frugal – Plan Ahead
Our Financial Aid office encourages students to take out as little Financial Aid as possible since you will eventually pay it all back…with interest! We encourage students to think ahead about how much they will have to budget each month after graduation to make loan payments. Web sites like and have calculators to help estimate monthly payments as long as you know:

  • How much money you have (or will have) borrowed
  • How many years you will have to pay off your loan(s) (typically anywhere from 10-25 years)
  • How often you will make payments on your loan(s) (typically monthly)
  • What interest rate you will pay on your loan amount(s)

To answer questions about what criteria are needed to renew federal, state, and institutional awards, view Eligibility and Scholarship Renewal.

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