Post-Baccalaureate Program for Physical Therapy

Students in class

Program Description 

Rockhurst University’s renowned physical therapy (PT) program prepares the next generation of PT professionals, guiding students from their first undergraduate classes all the way through to a fully accredited doctorate degree. This journey includes offering a post-bacc PT program to students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and wish to pursue a graduate degree in PT, but still need to complete initial entry requirements.

Rooted in a classic liberal arts, Jesuit education, Rockhurst post-bacc PT program develops students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and prepares them for the rigors of graduate-level PT courses.

Physical therapy students who emerge from Rockhurst are ready to impact the lives of those they serve, engage in lifelong learning and conduct themselves with the moral responsibility needed for professional practice.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Greater understanding of the physical therapy discipline and career field
  • Requirements for entry into a graduate PT program are completed
  • Current practices of physical therapy practitioners and a view into the future of the industry
  • A PT education that is unmatched in the Kansas City, Missouri, area

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • Post bacc physical therapy students participate in engaging lectures from faculty at the top of their field, develop real-world skills through lab research and pop-up clinics and enhance their career opportunities through unique internships.
  • Utilize the Amy Thompson Human Performance Laboratory, where video capture systems, EMG equipment and other cutting-edge clinical equipment give students an in-depth understanding of the career field they will embark upon.


  • A robust resume for admission into a graduate PT program, including Rockhurst’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • A strong career outlook and future success: More than 90% of Rockhurst students pass licensure exams on their first attempt, with an even higher rate of employment in PT within six months of graduation.