Why OT at Rockhurst?

Points of Acceptance into the Program
The Occupational Therapy Education Program accommodates multiple points of acceptance for interested students. Post-baccalaureate students may be accepted at any time during the year for the next occupational therapy class. For the Rockhurst undergraduate student, points of acceptance include Freshman Pre-Admission, the Occupational Therapy Scholars Program and regular acceptance during the final year of undergraduate coursework. Contact us to find out more about our curriculum options.

Five and half year Doctor of Occupational Therapy for students attending Rockhurst for a bachelor's plus graduate degree
Rockhurst University undergraduate students seeking occupational therapy can complete their Doctor of Occupational Therapy Degree (OTD) in 5.5 years provided they are in touch with their Undergraduate Advisor and Pre-OT Advisor early on. Contact the Pre-OT Advisor.

Typical bachelor's degree majors for Pre-OT students include Biology, Psychology, or Exercise and Sports Science. A student can earn a bachelors degree in any area of interest and enter the OT program as long as they complete the required prerequisite courses for entrance into the program.

Graduation Rates

Rockhurst University's occupational therapy program consistently has a high graduation rate. The total number of graduates from Rockhurst University’s Master of Occupational Therapy program during the 3-year period of 2017-2019 was 134, with an overall graduation rate of 99%.

Graduation Year Students Entering/Students Graduating  MOT Graduation Rate
2018 44/48 109%
2019 48/48 100%
2020 48/45 94%
3 Year Total 140/141 99%

*Total includes students who graduated from the part-time program

Rockhurst OT Graduates have Excellent Job Opportunities
100% of the occupational therapy received employment offers within six months of graduation, some even beforehand. Find out more about the OT job market and the success of our graduates.

We Surpass National Registration Exam Scores
Rockhurst graduates always have exceeded the national average pass rate.

Learn from recognized, award-winning faculty
You'll learn from outstanding faculty with professional experience in pediatrics, hand therapy, adult rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, mental health, geriatrics, assistive technology, community practice and research.

Research Project is Collaborative
Research is conducted in small student groups with faculty.

Opportunities for International Fieldwork/Service Trips are offered
Rockhurst University offers opportunities to travel internationally for fieldwork. We have established relationships with Ecuador and St. Lucia. Additionally, OT students are invited to apply for any of the University sponsored service trips.

State and National Presentations are encouraged
Students submit their research and culminating capstone project to local, national and international organizations for publication or presentation.

Clinical Rotations are Determined through Collaboration with Your Academic Fieldwork Coordinators
You'll complete 24 weeks of supervised clinical internships as part of the OTD program.

Doctoral Capstone Experience
Students will complete an advanced and individualized 14-week doctoral experience in a mentored practiced setting.

Experience Jesuit Values
Students gain real-world clinical skills and enhance ethical development by participating in a variety of service learning and authentic hands-on opportunities in the community.

Mentoring is provided
After you graduate, you'll keep in touch with a faculty mentor while you transition from the classroom to fieldwork to your first job.

Student-Faculty Ratio is low
A low student-to-teacher ratio and university-wide commitment to learning, leadership and service help prepare students for national registration and clinical practice.

Graduate Student Positions are Available
As a graduate student, you'll have the opportunity to earn positions as lab, research and teaching assistants. These positions offer the convenience of on-campus employment, flexible scheduling and valuable mentoring opportunities with faculty.

RU Students find Community Positions 
OT students can find work opportunities in the community to serve people with disabilities in care-giver positions in private homes or area agencies. Find out what is available from Career Services.

Coursework is Monday - Thursday
Your coursework is typically scheduled Monday through Thursday. Continued service and learning, clinical opportunities, and research experiences frequently occur on Friday. 

Local Service Opportunities
Engage in numerous local service opportunities.

International Service Trips are Offered Throughout the Year
Travel to Ecuador or St. Lucia with other OT, PT and SLP students for an interprofessional service trip to provide service and health care to those in need.

RU Students Learn by Teaching
You'll teach health and wellness to community members on a regular basis.