OT Alumni Corner & Guest Lecturers

Alumni Corner

The Alumni Corner is a place for Rockhurst OT alumni to tell their peers about potential employment opportunities or just make a personal announcement. If you know of anything Rockhurst alumni might be interested in hearing, please email the information to Career Services. They are available to alumni and graduating students. To check for new opportunities in occupational therapy, contact Mike Theobald. We also want to keep in touch with you. Contact the Alumni Office with your new contact information, including street and email addresses. 

A Generous Thank You to Guest Lecturers! 

We have had several talented guest lecturers share their time and experiences with our students. Thank you to all who have helped us expand our knowledge! We truly appreciate all you have done! If you are interested in sharing your expertise, please email Lynne Clarke.  

Brandy Archie, OTD, OTRL, CLIPP 
Erin Brown, OTR/L, ATP 
Jodi Gamis, OTR/L 
Kelly Grabendike, MOT, OTR/L 
Shayla Kruse, OTD, OTR/L 
Amber Jenkins, MLS, OTR/L 
Sarah Mai, MOT, OTR/L 
Brian Mills, MOT, OTR/L, CHT 
Annette Lewer, OTR/L 
Rebecca Ludwig, OTR/L 
Abbey O’Neil, MOT, OTR/L 
Cecilia Rog-Hughes, BS, COTA/L 
Kim Salanski, OTR/L 
Nancy Spangler, Ph.D., OTR/L 
Barb Warner, OTR/L 
Laura Wiebelhaus, MOT, OTR/L 
Cheryl Zwerenz, OTR/L, CHT 
Atul T. Patel, MD, MHSA 
Erin Butterworth, PT 
Lea Fry, PT 
Bethany Peterson, PT 
Mike Schultz, BS, MBA, CPO 
Suzette Southwick, MA 
Robert Cooper 
Claire Effertz 
Deliece Hofen 
Alex and Chris Fraser 
Ellie Scheirbeck 
Tobey Strosberg