Laptop Requirements for Helzberg School of Management Bachelor's Students

Beginning Fall 2017, all undergraduates in the Helzberg School of Management will be required to have access to a laptop to bring to classes. The laptop needs to meet the following specifications:

Operating System: Windows 10 or OSX El Capitan or higher
Processor: Intel i5 or higher
RAM: 4GB minimum, 8 GB recommended  
Software: Microsoft Office 2016 (offered free to all Rockhurst students through Office 365), along with up-to-date virus protection
Browser: Google Chrome preferred
Battery: At least 4 hours of energy per charge
Hard Drive: 256GB recommended
Cloud Storage: 5GB storage space on OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox; back up your files frequently
Other: Administrative rights to laptop, ability to connect to Wi-Fi (802.11 AC or N compatible)


Does the laptop policy apply to all Helzberg School courses?

Yes. That said, only a limited number of courses will require you to bring a laptop to the scheduled class, and it is during these classes that you must use a compliant device. Please check the syllabus for clarification.

Where can I go for support?

The Computer Services Help Desk, located on the fourth floor of Conway Hall, can assist with connection issues, passwords, University computer systems and general questions. However, they do not repair student laptops.

What if my laptop breaks during the term?

There are several nearby centers that fix laptops, including the Apple Store on the Country Club Plaza. While you are waiting for yours to be fixed, you can check out a laptop from Computer Services. We recommend you frequently back up your files to a cloud storage service.

I don’t have the financial resources to purchase the laptop and/or software required. What can I do?

Please check with your academic adviser to see if you qualify for financial assistance. If you don’t qualify, you can obtain a university loaner laptop for three-hour hours at a time. For out-of-class use, Rockhurst has computer labs located across campus. However, they may not have all the software required by your instructor.

Can I use a Chromebook, tablet or smartphone instead of a laptop?

No. These devices do not support the Windows or Mac operating system required to run the proper version of Microsoft Office.