Executive MBA Alumni Lifelong Learning

Dear Executive MBA Alumni,

At the Helzberg School, we believe learning extends far beyond graduation. In fact, we are proud to announce the new Lifelong Learning program offered exclusively to EMBA alumni. Make the most of your Helzberg degree by continuing your education through a business school undergraduate or graduate-level class tuition-free. So go ahead, take a class. Or two. 

We are hopeful you will take advantage of this opportunity—not only to enhance your professional development but also to recapture the intensity of experiential learning that can only be achieved in class and among peers. We look forward to seeing you back on campus!


Cheryl McConnell, Ph.D.
Dean, Helzberg School of Management

How It Works

  • Free tuition for all Helzberg School undergraduate and graduate-level classes
  • Only textbook and resource fees apply
  • Enrollment is on a space-available basis only
  • While courses cannot be applied to another master’s degree, courses can count toward a graduate certificate
  • Students are limited to one course per semester through the Lifelong Learning program; however, EMBA alumni can take one additional course each semester at a discount through the Rockhurst Alumni Tuition Discount Program, which offers half-off tuition for one course per semester

Get Started

  1. Email emba@rockhurst.edu or call 816-501-3448 to verify your alumni eligibility.
  2. View the online course catalog to explore Helzberg School courses or contact any EMBA faculty for course recommendations.