Executive MBA Alumni Lifelong Learning

At the Helzberg School, we believe learning extends far beyond graduation. In fact, we offer a Lifelong Learning program exclusively to the EMBA alumni. Make the most of your Helzberg degree by continuing your education through a business school bachelor's or graduate-level class cost-free. So go ahead, take a class. Or two. 

How It Works

  • Free for all Helzberg School bachelor's and graduate-level classes
  • Only textbook and resource fees apply
  • Enrollment is on a space-available basis only
  • While courses cannot be applied to another master’s degree, courses can count toward a graduate certificate
  • Alumni are limited to one cost-free course per semester through the Lifelong Learning program; however, EMBA alumni can take one additional course each semester at a discount through the Rockhurst Alumni Tuition Discount Program, which offers half-off cost for one course per semester

Get Started

  1. Email emba@rockhurst.edu or call 816-501-3448 to verify your alumni eligibility.
  2. View the online course catalog to explore Helzberg School courses or contact any EMBA faculty for course recommendations.