Analytics & Insights Certificate – Health Analytics Track

Focus your data analytics career on the health care industry — learn to manage health data responsibly and use analytical tools to provide better care for patients. Combining courses from business and intelligence, the Health Analytics certificate track is made for analysts as well as leaders in health care and can be part of your Stackable MBA.

Total credit hours: 12

Estimated time to completion: 8 months

Modalities offered: In-person and online classes (Can be completed fully online)

Ideal candidate: A professional wanting to have a greater understanding of analytics, ready to be guided through new technologies and the analytics process with a focus on health care.

Learning goals: Health Analytics combines a select number of business intelligence courses and pairs them with health care courses, making this an ideal certificate for analysts and leaders alike in health care.

Program requirements

Required coursework:

  • BIA 6300, Business Intelligence (2)
  • BIA 6302, Data Visualization (2)
  • BIA 6310, Social Justice and Responsibility in Analytics (2)
  • HC 6150, Health Care Systems (2)
  • HC 6350, Quality Improvement in Health Care (2)
  • HC 6400, Health Information Technology (2)

Prospective outcomes: Business analyst, data analyst, management

Sample schedule

  • Fall A: BIA 6300, HC 6150
  • Fall B: BIA 6310, HC 6350
  • Spring A: BIA 6302, HC 6400

Note: This certificate cannot be stacked with A&I: Business Intelligence or Healthcare Management.