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November 15, 2018
How to clean your data as a part of data mining process

I am flush with data. I’ve got data from all over the galaxy and concerning about everything I could ever need in order to do my job. Problem was, I was suffering from a systemic problem and didn’t even know it. All it took was an update and an outdated lookup table, and my entire database was off, spawning impossible records that threatened to rip a hole in the space-time continuum (sorta). I had country contacts fantastically coded with the incorrect country and continent. Then,...Read More

October 5, 2018
A pair of scales with the symbols for male and female on each platter


In the last century women’s roles changed dramatically as women gained the right to vote, were empowered by civil rights and equal pay legislation, and increasingly participated in business and political spheres. Equity*, however, is still far off for women. Society still struggles with gendered issues such as sexual harassment, maternity and paternity postpartum leave, and implicit bias, to name a few. Both organizations and individuals have much work to do to achieve enduring...Read More

September 5, 2018
Woman leads a meeting, engaging and incorporating the ideas of her colleagues

There are a lot of great ways to make meetings shorter, more productive or more efficient. But how do you run a meeting when you need everyone on the team to own the outcomes of the meeting? Here are five tips for making your meetings more collaborative.

  1. Really share the agenda. Obviously, it helps to share the agenda in advance of the meeting. But how can you make it the team's agenda and not just your agenda? Small steps can give the team shared
  2. ...Read More
August 1, 2018

In February of 2018, Antonio Zamudio-Moore became the first ever Rockhurst student to be accepted into the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute. Zamudio-Moore didn’t hear about the opportunity until fairly late in the application window, but was compelled to apply because of the Institute’s emphasis on advocating for people who have been subject to historical and present discrimination.

Zamudio-Moore is a junior in the Helzberg School of Management.

...Read More

July 13, 2018

In 1981, Anna “Acey” Lampe took a job at Hallmark. She worked there for more than 20 years, holding various positions in public affairs and communications, market research and market strategy. She contributed to Hallmark’s growth and expansion and likewise, Hallmark contributed to hers.

One person, in fact, especially inspired and encouraged Lampe: Jay Dittmann.

Dittmann, at the time Director and Team Leader in Business Process Reengineering, was a peer of Lampe’s at...Read More

March 21, 2018
Blockchain is revolutionary for the FinTech sector.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic author of “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, demonstrated uncommon thinking in pioneering the concept of a “peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server” to solve the double spending problem. More simply, Nakamoto proposed a system that allows peer-to-peer electronic exchange without a central coordinating authority (such as an automated clearing house) resulting in a distributed, open...Read More

January 17, 2018
Lady Justice blindfolded and holding scales

Helzberg School of Management Professors Jennifer Rinella, Ed.D, and Tracy Blasdel, Ph.D., along with Katie Clune, Ph.D., of The College of Arts and Sciences recently authored an article titled “Controversial ‘Conversations’: Analyzing a Museum Director’s Strategic Alternatives When a Famous Donor Becomes Tainted” . The article was accepted for publication in the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. Below Jennifer Rinella, Ed.D, summarizes the case as it relates to...Read More

December 20, 2017
Kevin Bujarski sits at his computer in Conway Hall

There is no program in the Midwest quite like the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Kevin Bujarski has determined that much.

A year ago, Kevin wasn’t really sure exactly what he wanted to do. He felt like he needed more education to level up his career, but the options in front of him were nebulous and multitudinous. He had considered a master’s degree in accounting but was nervous about the rising potential for many accounting jobs to be automated away within...Read More

November 15, 2017
Students in Halloween costume await trunk-or-treaters

When students filed in to Kelly Phipps’s Leadership and Organizational Behavior class at the beginning of the 2017 fall semester, the class felt regular and routine. However, once the syllabus was distributed and examined, students realized that the class would be far different than regular or routine.​

The main project of the semester would be a group service project. Students were required to meet three different criteria for the project:​

  1. Help someone in need
  2. ...Read More
October 18, 2017
Turner White holding Delta Sigma Pi Midwestern Region Chapter Advisor of the Year award

Executive Assistant Professor of Management Turner White was recently awarded the honor of Delta Sigma Pi Chapter Advisor of the Year for the Midwestern Region. Only one such honor is awarded among the 41 active chapters of Delta Sigma Pi in the area. Chapter advisors are nominated by the students in each chapter.

Janie Chester, Senior Vice President of the Nu Omega chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, noted that when she has spoken to national representatives of Delta Sigma Pi, they rave about...Read More