MS-BIA or Bust! Kevin Bujarski Takes to the Road

Kevin Bujarski sits at his computer in Conway Hall

There is no program in the Midwest quite like the Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Kevin Bujarski has determined that much.

A year ago, Kevin wasn’t really sure exactly what he wanted to do. He felt like he needed more education to level up his career, but the options in front of him were nebulous and multitudinous. He had considered a master’s degree in accounting but was nervous about the rising potential for many accounting jobs to be automated away within the next decade.

Nevertheless, he liked math and was sufficiently detail-oriented that he felt accounting might be the way to go. So, he enrolled in an online course of study at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before the lack of in-person connection with his professor began to grate on his intellect. And when it came time for midterm exams, the lack of intellectual rigor in the course became glaringly apparent.

Kevin ended up dropping out, sensing that he wasn’t getting his money’s worth. Back at square one, his thoughts crept back to that fear that accounting led to an unstable future. Kevin began searching for other master’s degree programs, specifically searching for programs with a reputation for rigor and quality. That’s when he came upon the Helzberg Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics (MS-BIA). The program was unique, ranked nationally, and in a burgeoning field.

There was one problem: the program wasn’t exactly offered in his backyard, and Kevin wasn’t about to enroll in another online program.

That’s when Kevin Bujarski became a road warrior. Kevin currently lives with his wife in Springdale, Arkansas. That’s a 3+ hour drive from Rockhurst’s campus in Kansas City, Missouri! Since the summer of 2017, he’s braved that commute as often as twice a week.

Fortunately for Kevin, the dozens of hours on the road have been worth his while so far. He’s enjoyed the variety of project-based coursework connected to the world outside of Rockhurst and the rigorous nature of each course. It’s reassuring that, once he’s completed the program, he’ll not only have a few additional letters behind his name, but also a LinkedIn profile full of real, tangible achievements.

Kevin noted that he could have taken classes on a university campus closer to home in Arkansas. He could have stitched together a course of study, taking a few computer science classes here and some business classes there, and theoretically he would have come away with skills similar to what he’ll gain through the MS-BIA. He could have. He was wary, however, of the distinct difference between a “MS in Computer Science with concentration in…” so on and so forth and a degree in “Business Intelligence and Analytics” listed among his qualifications. The former seeming comparatively blasé when pitted against the more prominent, eye-catching buzz words of the latter. Not to mention, there was nothing closer to home that had such a nationwide reputation for rigor.

In the long run, Kevin plans to use the skills that come with his MS-BIA to serve the public good in a local government office. In the meantime, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind your recommendations for podcasts and audiobooks.