Turner White Named Chapter Advisor of the Year: Delta Sigma Pi

Turner White holding Delta Sigma Pi Midwestern Region Chapter Advisor of the Year award

Executive Assistant Professor of Management Turner White was recently awarded the honor of Delta Sigma Pi Chapter Advisor of the Year for the Midwestern Region. Only one such honor is awarded among the 41 active chapters of Delta Sigma Pi in the area. Chapter advisors are nominated by the students in each chapter.

Janie Chester, Senior Vice President of the Nu Omega chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, noted that when she has spoken to national representatives of Delta Sigma Pi, they rave about Professor White, saying he is the most involved chapter advisor they have ever seen. She added that Professor White adds inestimable value to the fraternity, taking every opportunity to teach business concepts within the framework created by the organization. He’s said things such as “Who can I network with to make this better for you guys?” and he’s encouraged them saying “You’re building a real world business with this concept!” Chester especially noted the amount of attention Professor White gives to teaching members of Delta Sigma Pi about conflict resolution and dealing with sticky situations.

Any praise that Professor White has received for this honor he has recycled back into his energy and excitement for the organization. He recently said,

Our students are an inspiring group and our chapter broke all records this fall by recruiting nearly 50 new members who will join the pledge education process and be inducted in November… The students are learning ‘management by experience’ in this management laboratory. One of the major determinants of retention and satisfaction among new college freshmen is getting involved in constructive activities with their peers.  DSP is a part of that culture.

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed professional business fraternity with nearly 300 chapters nationwide. The fraternity is recognized as one of the premier leadership and professional organizations. Delta Sigma Pi is open to all business students at Rockhurst University. 

Turner White, MBA, teaches global environment, global business and culture, small business management & entrepreneurship. White’s research interests lie in ethics and decision making and international business and culture. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in management from the International School of Management in Paris. Students at the Helzberg School of Management have awarded White with the Outstanding Professor award for two consecutive years.