Giving Opportunities

Your Gift. Your Choice.

At Rockhurst, there are many ways to give – and each gift is greatly appreciated and wisely used. Check out these options, and decide what works best for you. If you have any questions, we’re happy to talk with you and develop a philanthropic approach designed around your life and your preferences.





Valuable art, jewelry, antiques, collections or books that may be used by the University.

Each gift requires personal attention to determine tax benefits to the donor and the usefulness of the gift to the University.


Outright gift by transfer of cash or check provides funds for immediate use by Rockhurst.

These easy-to-make gifts provide income tax charitable deductions. The donor may designate a specific purpose or provide much needed unrestricted support for operating the University.

Closely Held Business

A family business may be advantageously transferred by including a gift to Rockhurst.

May reduce the tax liability and immediate funding needed for transferring a business.

Life Insurance

Gift of paid-up life insurance with Rockhurst as owner and beneficiary.

Provide income tax charitable deduction; benefit to Rockhurst may be far off; policies once needed by family may be no longer needed.

Personal Property

Automobiles, furniture or equipment may be useful to the University or sold if marketable.

Each of these gifts requires personal attention to determine the usefulness to Rockhurst and the tax benefits to the donor.

Real Estate

Appreciated real estate that is marketable (e.g. a house or farm) can be sold by Rockhurst. Valued through independent appraisal. Environmental report may be needed.

Provides income tax charitable deduction; may eliminate capital gains tax liability; can be used to establish a life income gift, such as an annuity or charitable remainder trust. Donors may be able to continue to live in home.

Retirement Benefits

Rockhurst may be designated as a beneficiary, or contingent beneficiary, of retirement plan benefits.

Each retirement plan must be carefully checked to determine benefits. Often avoids large income tax liability to heirs.


Marketable publicly traded securities, mutual fund shares, corporate bonds make a gift at full market value on the day.

Provides income tax charitable deduction; may avoid capital gains tax liability; is often used to fund life-income gifts that increase income to donor.

Deferred Gifts

Pay on Death

Donor can make arrangement with bank or other financial institution to give Rockhurst ownership at donor's death.

Easy to arrange; donor has complete ownership, with right to change arrangement or to use all the funds.

Retained Life Estate Agreement

Home or farm is given to Rockhurst, but with the right for donor to continue to live on and use the property for life.

Donors who intend to give Rockhurst their home or farm can receive a current income tax charitable deduction but continue to live in the home or on the farm.

Transfer on Death

Deeds for property or title of car may transfer ownership to Rockhurst at death.

Donor retains full ownership with right to sell, give property or change their mind.


Bequests in a will supports Rockhurst after the donor dies; can be specific amount, specific property, a percentage or residue of estate.

Continues lifetime support of Rockhurst. Provides an estate tax charitable deduction. All Rockhurst alumni and friends should have a will with a bequest to Rockhurst.

Donating Stock or Mutual Funds

Why make stock gifts?
When it comes to charitable giving, donating appreciated assets is one of the most tax-wise things you as a donor can do to provide for Rockhurst University. In addition to receiving an income tax charitable deduction for up to the full fair market value of your gift, you also avoid the capital gains you would have realized if you had sold the asset instead. Think of it this way: When you contribute cash, you are giving an asset that you have already paid taxes on. When you give stock, you are giving with pretax assets. This is a far superior way to give and is a demonstration of good stewardship of your wealth.

Donors should have held assets for one year and a day or longer.

Ways to give securities:
The Rockhurst University broker is Scott Fitzgerald with Merrill Lynch, available at (816) 932-9710. Although it is not necessary to call him about the transfer, sometimes it does help if he is aware of upcoming activity. It is important that you or your broker notify us via FAX, letter or telephone that the gift is being electronically transferred into our account, as the stock transfer will arrive without identification. We will not be able to provide you with a receipt for tax purposes without this information.

Appreciated securities may also be used to fund gift plans that provide payments for life, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Lend Your Gift

Charitable Lead Trust

Gifts of cash, securities or other properties are placed into the trust. Trust assets produce immediate income for Rockhurst; at specified time the trust ends and the asset returns to the donor or family.

Donor is taxed on income to Rockhurst; however, there are charitable deductions for income, gift and estate tax purposes reducing the cost of giving assets to family.

Deposit Agreement

Make an interest free loan of cash to Rockhurst with assurance that you can retrieve your funds at any time during life. At death it becomes a gift.

Rockhurst has use of funds; income on funds are removed from adjusted gross income of donor. Donor can retrieve funds when needed. If on deposit at death, the gift qualifies for an estate tax charitable deduction.

Life Income Gifts

Several types of gifts provide income to the donors for their life. For some, the income comes at the time of the gift; for others it comes in the future. The income can come to the donor or to someone the donor designates. It can continue throughout the full life of a person.

Bargain Sale

A sale to Rockhurst for less than fair market value; the difference is a charitable contribution.

This transaction is part sale, subject to taxation and part gift, eligible for an income tax charitable deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Donor transfers cash, appreciated assets or other property to Rockhurst. Rockhurst guarantees to pay income to beneficiaries for life. The same amount will be paid each year, regardless of economic fluctuations.

Provides income to the donor(s) or to someone the donor designates; an income tax charitable deduction for the donor; some of the income may be tax free; use of appreciated assets may avoid some capital gains tax.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts of cash, securities or other properties are placed into trust. Trust assets produce income for the donor, and/or another beneficiary; may be for life. When the trust ends, the remaining assets transfer to Rockhurst.

Provides income to donor or other beneficiaries. Funding of the trust provides an immediate income tax charitable deduction; use of appreciated assets may avoid or reduce some capital gains tax.

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity with plan to start payments at a later date, for example at time of retirement.

May supplement other retirement plans. Provides an income tax charitable deduction now. The date to start income payments may be flexible.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. The impact of your gift to Rockhurst may be double or even tripled - it's an easy way to increase the value of your gift. Many companies also match gifts from retirees and spouses.

For more information, or to find out if your company has a matching gift policy, visit our Matching Gifts page.


Gifts are often made to honor a family member, friend or former teacher. Scholarships or programs can be named in honor of donor or other person.

A perpetual memorial to a loved one or legacy of one's life. Current gifts bring income tax charitable deduction. Rockhurst will work with donor to determine appropriate means.


Memorials, Honorary Gifts, and New Scholarships

Many donors choose to honor loved ones or friends through a memorial or honorary gift to Rockhurst University. Memorial and honorary gifts can be directed to any purpose, including unrestricted funds, academic programs, endowment funds, etc.

Donors establish new scholarships each year. Through the generosity of these friends of Rockhurst University, students will be able to realize their educational goals of earning a degree in the Jesuit philosophy of service to others.