Joint Program FAQs

How do I find information about my UMKC classes? Location, times etc?

You always check your UMKC information on Pathway ( You log in using your UMKC ID and Password that you received via email from UMKC when your application to the program was first processed.

How do I find the books I need for my classes at UMKC?

Here are the steps you need to take to find your books on the UMKC bookstore website ( Click on Textbooks and Supplies once you are on the site. Choose Shop and Compare. Click Agree. Under Term Name click Fall 2014 (or appropriate semester). Under Department scroll and click MEC-ENGR (or appropriate subject). Under Course choose your course number 130 (or appropriate number). Under Section choose both the lab and lecture section of the course that you are in. They should both then appear in Course List. Now click on Compare Prices on these Course Materials. The list of books should then appear as well as the options for buying them. You can click the Add to Cart button and continue from there.

Should I have a mac or a PC?

Although a mac will work there have been some difficulties so current students in the program recommend a PC.

Should I have a UMKC ID card?

Yes. You can find all of the information at

How do I communicate with my UMKC professors?

You should always check your UMKC email as this is where you will get emails and info from your UMKC professors. It is possible to forward your UMKC email to your Rockhurst mail if you wish.

My NS 1010 class meets on 4 Saturdays but I am an athlete and may miss some. What should I do?

There are many athletes in the program and arrangements are made when they have to miss any class including NS 1010. Make your advisor aware of the situation and they will help you figure out how to make up the classes.

Will I be able to stay in my Rockhurst housing during breaks when UMKC is still in session?

Yes. You need to contact housing well in advance to make the aware of this situation and check to see if the necessary arrangements have already been made. If they have not, contact the Engineering and Computing Program Director to help.

Do I have an advisor at both Rockhurst and UMKC?

No you will only have an official advisor at Rockhurst who will track your progress and make sure you are on path for graduation. There are many great advisors and faculty members at UMKC though who you should talk to as well. You should just always check back with your Rockhurst advisor before making any final decisions as there may be restrictions/requirements that UMKC faculty and staff are unfamiliar with.

If I struggle in my classes at UMKC how do I get help?

You should look for help by visiting your instructor at UMKC and asking for help, by asking about tutoring options at UMKC (these vary by discipline – computer science offers free tutoring, engineering classes often have a TA who has office hours) and by asking at the RU learning center as they often have tutors available for UMKC courses. Other students in the program are also a great resource for help. You should make your advisor at Rockhurst aware of any class you are struggling in and your advisor will also help you locate resources.

If I have accommodations at Rockhurst do they automatically transfer to UMKC?

No you need to register separately with the UMKC office of Services for Students with Disabilities:

Can I use my Rockhurst swipe card to pay for food at UMKC?

No. One student got a $100 prepaid visa card and used that at UMKC.

If I have taken AP Physics in high school does that count as the physics class I have to take in my freshman year?

No. AP Physics is not calculus based and it is important that the physics you take as part of your engineering or computing major is calculus based.

If I take most of my classes at UMKC in a particular semester, am I still considered a full time student at Rockhurst?

Yes. Rockhurst considers both Rockhurst courses and UMKC courses towards your load each semester.

Should I receive any bills from UMKC directly?

You should not receive any bills from UMKC related to the courses you are taking. If you have a parking ticket, library fine etc then you will be billed from UMKC directly.

Who needs to take the Machine Shop Safety class?

All mechanical and civil engineering students.

How do I make sure my Machine Shop Safety class gets counted at Rockhurst?

You need to request that MCC send an official transcript to Rockhurst so that it is officially entered on your record. This is the same thing you need to do with any transfer course including any courses that you take at UMKC over the summer. (You do not need to do this for UMKC courses during the semester as those grades are automatically sent to Rockhurst.)

How do I pay for my Machine Shop Safety class?

You pay MCC directly.

Are Rockhurst students eligible for UMKC’s fifth year masters program?

Yes but we are currently working on developing an official agreement.

Is it possible to double major?

If you are a CS or IT major yes it is possible but it depends on what you would like to double major with. If you are an ME, CE or EE major then typically no as your schedule is completely full with just required major classes and core classes. However if you are bringing in a lot of credit, taking summer courses or planning on staying for five years then it might be possible.

Are joint program students eligible to take a class at UMKC using KCASE?


Can I take engineering and computing classes at UMKC if I am not in the Joint Program?

No. Unfortunately at this time it is not possible.