Rockhurst University's Guide to Neighborhood Living

Rockhurst University Campus

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The 49/63 Neighborhood is a diverse, vibrant community filled with many long-term residents, students, institutions, homeowners and tenants. Residents become actively involved in the neighborhood associations to explore and build on ideas that make 49/63 a great place to work and live. People choose to live here because they enjoy the diversity of people and ideas. Getting to know your neighborhood and the people who live here allows you to build positive, respectful relationships.

Be Active

The 49/63 Neighborhood includes the entire area between 49th and 63rd streets and from Oak Street to Paseo Boulevard. Most Rockhurst students live in the smaller communities of Troostwood (north of campus) or Troost Plateau (south of campus). For more information on the neighborhood associations, visit or the organization’s Facebook page. Attend neighborhood meetings and volunteer for community projects to get to know your neighbors. Exchanging phone numbers or email addresses with your neighbors can be a good first step to fostering a positive relationship.

Be Proactive

Everyone in the neighborhood has a role to play in ensuring the safety and security of the entire community. If you see or suspect a crime is being committed, contact the police and communicate these issues with your neighbors. Be respectful in interacting with civic officials along with security and police officers, including the “Troost Titans” and Rockhurst University security officers.

Be Safe

Secure your home by locking doors and shutting windows at night. Expensive items should not be left in plain sight or stored in your car at any time. Call 911 if you notice any peculiar or criminal activity. Walk with a group or a friend at night.

Respect Yourself and Others

Be responsible for the guests visiting your home. Follow the law: do not allow underage drinking at your residence. Refrain from binge drinking and consuming illegal substances or drugs. Get help if you or a friend has a problem with illegal drugs or alcohol. Keep your home and yard clean. Do not allow guests to urinate in public places. Obey traffic laws and follow the posted speed limits on all streets.

Be Mindful

You live in a culturally, ethnically and economically integrated community. Children routinely use the whole block as their play area. Help keep those areas clean and free of broken bottles and garbage. Your neighbors may have young children who need their sleep every night. They may have exams in the morning. Other neighbors may need to wake up early for their jobs, while some are working from home or are retired. Keep loud noises and voices to a minimum.

Keep your yard clean and refrain from parking cars in the grass. Remember to pick up after your pets. Initiate respectful, tactful conversation when handling a conflict with others.

Refrain From

  • Out-of-control parties Underage drinking Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Purchasing, selling or using illegal drugs
  • Blocking driveways
  • Parking on lawns

Keep the Peace

Disturbing the peace in the neighborhoods disrupts the daily lives of its residents and causes preventable conflicts. Consider the benefits of a harmonious relationship with your neighbor. If you notice any issues or problems in your neighborhood, call the 49/63 Community Action Network or RU Community Relations for assistance.

Neighborhood Resources

  • Emergency: 911
  • Rockhurst University Security Department: 816-501-4010
  • Rockhurst University email alert system (Rockalerts): Sign up at
  • 49/63 Community Action Network: 816-333-4963
  • Kansas City Police Department (non-emergency): 816-234-5111
  • Kansas City Action Center (city services): 311
  • Neighborhood Walk-in and Family Care (health clinic): 816-237-1616
  • Prosperity Center for Financial Opportunity: 816-501-4239
  • Rockhurst University Community Relations: 816-501-4306,
  • Neighborhood Associations: Search “Troost Plateau” or “Troostwood” on

Rockhurst University social media: