Ways to Build Student Resumes with No On-Campus Involvement

Resume reviews are one of the most consistent ways that students are assisted in Career Services. Many students come to Career Services with intentionality and resumes that are longer than one page. Overall, high achievement and involvement in several student activities is the norm for students at Rockhurst University. Occasionally, the staff are faced with a student who comes with limited work or internship experience and even more commonly no active involvement in a student organization on campus. If a student that you're assisting falls into this latter category, here are some helpful tips from the NACE Staff on how to help students successfully create a resume with their experiences.

  1. Help a student correlate classroom-based skills like a long-term project into their experiences 
  2. Utilize well-written research projects or formal papers that students have presented on
  3. Have they participated in a class-based project that involved learning key computer programs, revamping websites, or a capstone experience?
  4. Look at entry-level jobs in the students field of interest and search through the knowledge, skills and abilities sections for correlating skills the student might have

(NACE Staff, 2018, March 5. Resume advice for students with no activities, experience. www.naceweb.org/career-development/resume-advice-for-students-with-no-activities-experience.)

Additionally, if this student is a sophomore or junior level student here are some key ways you can help them boost their experiences for their resume.

  1. Encourage them to join a student organization, seek opportunities with the Sentinel, or get involved with Campus Ministry
  2. Encourage them to seek resources from individuals like Career Services, Student Activities & Leadership, Success Coach, Residence Life and Campus Ministry
  3. Encourage them to sign up for an RU Career Account to find local part-time jobs and internship opportunities

For more guidance and assistance, please refer students to Career Services located in Massman 3.