Intern Update: Varonica Hamilton

Varonica Hamilton

Business Administration, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Vergy, Inc. (KCP&L) - Web Business Analyst

My internship on the Digital Services team at KCP&L allows me to learn the ins and outs of what all goes into creating and maintaining a website. Here I am at my desk going through a list of defects (website issues) that we fix weekly when we take the website down.

I’ve been spending my time learning what call center representatives must know for their job. I’ve been reviewing our knowledge management system, BEN, for additional information on everything related to our Customer Care and Building System (CCB). BEN is named after Benjamin Franklin because of his reputation for being knowledgeable. BEN can give you step by step instructions on everything from how to change a customer’s text messaging preferences to transferring a Service Agreement from one account to the next. Often times when we’ve fixed something major with the website we have to send a notification to the BEN team to create an alert that can be searched later and found by all reps; this way changes to the website are being communicated ASAP.