Intern Update: Sean Conway

Sean Conway

Business Management, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Jabez Properties - Manager/Assistant


My internship with Jabez Property Management has allowed me to develop useful personable skills that will further my career as a salesman and property manager. I get to work from home which has been very convenient because I am a full-time student. This is a picture of me on the phone with my boss. I am giving him a list of potential tenants interested in different properties in the Greater St. Louis area. 

The past couple of weeks of my internship have been very informative. I have realized that successful property managers have a diverse set of skills. Some of these skills require hands-on work, communication, and responsive customer service. I have come to realize just how important the skill of communication is for a successful property manager. As the assistant, I was delegating certain tasks for fellow employees to complete. Since there are a lot of properties that are spaced out all around St. Louis, it is vital to communicate properly, so that the correct tasks are completed proficiently. Talking to people has really helped improve my social skills and I feel as though it will only continue to benefit me. 

One leadership value that has been discussed in multiple classes at Rockhurst is determination. I have really tried to stay determined to accomplish all of my tasks to the best of my ability. This has improved my work as well as my mental health when I am feeling stressed. I am starting to see my importance in the everyday operation of the company and it has been an extremely rewarding feeling.