Intern Update: Rick Heinlein

Rick Heinlein

Business Management, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Worldwide Express - Pricing Analyst Intern

My name is Rick Heinlein and I am a Junior at Rockhurst University studying Business Management. The reason I chose this data analytics internship with Worldwide Express was to further my understanding of the logistics space as well as deepen my technical skills around analytics. A day in the life of my internship at Worldwide Express consists of sending analytics reports to management, publishing a weekly update to the entire Kansas City office about the current state of the freight industry, and assisting with any other tasks the analytics department requests. Another area. Other days, I will train on videos on Tableau, Excel, or SONAR, to learn more about the current state of the logistics industry.

Tips or advice I would give to students thinking about an internship would be to really get to know the company culture as well as the person you will be reporting to. Anthony has been amazing as a mentor and has taught me more about data analytics than I imagined going into the internship. This position was not exactly what I expected it to be! While my title is “pricing analyst intern,” I have done far more intra-organizational analytics as well as SONAR analytics than I have with pricing analytics. I had never heard of Tableau until day one, but it is surely a skill I will take advantage of in the future.

The most valuable thing I have learned in this internship would have to be the technical skills of Excel and Tableau that I will come away with. Before coming into the internship, I was pretty uncomfortable with some of the more technical aspects of the internship. Thanks to Anthony’s mentorship, I will come away with skills I did not have before. This internship has opened up lots of personal opportunities and has given me real experience working for a fantastic company ranked in KC Biz Journal’s “Top Workplaces.” I have gotten to know so many wonderful people in the company on a personal level, which will lead to many open doors in the future.