Intern Update: Patrick Fitzsimmons

Intern, Patrick Fitsimmons, on the field

Patrick Fitzsimmons

Health Sciences, College of Health and Human Services

RU Men's Lacrosse -- Coaching Intern

Hello! My name is Patrick Fitzsimmons, a senior here at Rockhurst University. This semester I was given the opportunity to help coach with the Men’s lacrosse team at Rockhurst. Throughout my experience thus far, I have learned that coaching and helping run a NCAA division II lacrosse team is not just about the X’s and O’s, but learning about the players and striving to make them better both on the field and off. Absorbing information from Coach Kevin Kelley and the rest of the coaching staff on what it takes to be on the other side of the game of lacrosse has been an invaluable experience. From being in the office before practice talking about the budget/ logistics of the season to how to approach a player that may be struggling both in and out of practice are all ideas that were a foreign concept to myself as a player. As the semester progresses, I have no doubt that I will become an even better individual from this experience. Having this opportunity will most definitely help my future career in the health sciences as I believe strongly that sports are a great transition to dealing with real life problems.