Intern Update: Natalie Wagner - January

Student Intern Working

Natalie Wagner

Marketing, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Jungle Law Firm - Marketing Intern

My internship has been a unique opportunity to be more involved in the Kansas City community. I have learned great marketing skills and have had learned great business skills. I have met great people, here I am with Mack, the mascot of the Kansas City Mavericks. We are partners with the hockey team, which has great for networking and showing off my marketing skills.

Coming to college I started out wanting to work towards a general business degree. There was always just too much I enjoyed about business but as time went on I realized I should take my creativity and put it into a career. I was looking at Rockhurst's RU Career Account and found out about a marketing internship at a new law firm in Kansas City and decided to give it a shot last April. The law firm I work for is a family law firm. It was slightly intimidating coming to work for a family who as very close but they could not have been more welcoming and I feel very close to them as well. 

Jungle Law Firm was a great place to learn about exactly what I want to do after college. Since the law firm is still new and beginning, it is hard to gauge so far what type of marketing has been best for us. I have spent time doing more with social media and creating and finding good content to put on our pages. Research has played a huge part in my job lately. The years of school I have had has really helped me prepare the best ways to research and obtain the most important information. This skill has led me to much success so far in my career.