Intern Update: Natalie Wagner

Natalie Wagner

Marketing, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Jungle Law - Marketing Intern

At Jungle Law we are continuing to work for our fundraiser “Dancing with the Kansas City Stars”. The event is nearing and it is exciting for it to be almost over. It has been a lot to fundraise for another company on top of doing normal work, but it will be done with by the end of March. A main issue has been the means of getting money and fundraising. As I spoke about in my last update the school is very hard to work with and we have been getting creative with ways to help earn money for the school.

The school wants each dance team and their team to raise well over $20,000 per team. This is a very high number to get when you are a startup law firm and do not have that much money just laying around to donate, which is what they originally asked us to do. We have been trying hard to reach out to other lawyers as one of the ways we have been fundraising for this school. This has been slightly successful and a lot of lawyers know about the cause and are very open to help out with donations, bigger firms are able to donate by means of the firm and smaller offices, lawyers are happy to just donate online.

The way that has been more successful to us has been in-kind donations, that is when a company offers a material good and the company receiving the donation marks it down as the value of the gift. We have gotten many gift cards from local companies, as well as art work, water bottles, coffee for the event, and more. The value of this really adds up! Originally we thought they did an auction as well for raising money and thought we could donate a lot of items to the auction and we were surprised to find out the Dance is their only big event they have all year to raise money.

Seeing all of our hard work pay off at the Dancing with the Kansas City Stars event was really cool. I enjoy being part of a company that loves to help others and will go out of their way to make it happen.