Intern Update: Marco Cora

Marco Cora

Analytics and Technology / Applied Mathematics, College of Business, Influence, and Informaiton Analysis

Dab Pumps -- Agile Project Management Intern


I would suggest to everyone that is looking for an internship to risk. Being out of our comfort zone is the only way in which we can improve and discover different aspects/abilities for our future careers. Do not be focused in just one position, because everything you will do is going to impact your persona and give you something more. Furthermore, it is important to give ourselves the opportunity to explore without limitation. Another suggestion that I would give to someone that is approaching an intern role is to not be worried about talking, asking questions, and expressing their ideas with their managers. An internship is a moment when we have to be focused on our growth, and we have to take every single second of that experience to absorb and understand how things really work in the real world. Another important tip that I’d like to share is the fact that developing soft skills deserves the same type of effort that we put in learning hard skills. I feel like saying this because during my experience, I noticed that people who succeeded in their careers were all characterized by strong abilities in interpersonal relationships. The business world is a team effort, and it is not possible to be part of a team without strong soft skills. We have time to develop them, but it is also important to start as soon as possible in order to be prepared to face every single situation during our careers.