Intern Update: Lucas Hinton

Lucas Hinton

Electrical Engineering, College of Health & Human Services

Applied Mathematics, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Hunter Engineering Company - Quality Assurance Intern

My Internship at Hunter Engineering has given me the opportunity to work with both old and new equipment. It's been a great experience to see the types of issues that can occur and helped my problem-solving skills in resolving these issues. 

The first few weeks my workload was fairly limited as they helped me adjust to my new position. Most of the training I received has come from another intern in my department and focuses on the basics of the tasks that I will perform most frequently. Along with this training, additional training was provided on calibrating the equipment for quality tests when a new software build is developed. While calibration has been one of my main tasks, I have also spent a significant amount on spec testing. Spec testing was a very complicated concept upon my first introduction, as I got into it and performed several myself, I found the task relatively simple. During my downtime, I used the opportunity to study some of Hunter Engineering's equipment to assist me in more fully understanding the company.