Intern Update: Jordan Byers

Jordan Byers 

Nonprofit Leadership, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

MHA Management Consultants - Social Media & Marketing Assistant

My name is Jordan Byers, and I am a senior at Rockhurst University studying Nonprofit Leadership with a concentration in Fundraising. I am currently working at MHA Management Consultants as a Social Media and Marketing Assistant. I have a passion for digital marketing and this job opportunity allowed me to work with a variety of health care practices in fields like optometry, obstetrics, and podiatry.

When I first started, I thought that most of my work would be supportive as my title includes assistant. However, I have been able to spearhead projects such as videos and ad campaigns and give feedback on website redesigns and marketing materials. I definitely feel like my voice is wanted and heard in the company. I have grown confident in my ability to lead tasks and speak up.

To me, internships have been a valuable way to get to know myself while gaining experience. This is my third college internship and each one has taught me a valuable lesson such as how I like to work, what I struggle with, and which positions just aren’t right for me. There have been internships that directly line with my major that I found weren’t a good fit and projects that I thought I’d excel at but fell short. Luckily, internships are a time to make mistakes and grow.

If I could give advice to other students about getting an internship I’d say know what you want out of it, but leave room to learn even more. Sometimes you’ve learned all you can from an internship and it’s time to move on. Other times you’ll be piled high with responsibilities and push yourself farther than you knew you could go. You don’t know how many people are in your court, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of help you’ll receive when you ask. I’ve met my very best friends through my internships and found what I want to do with my career. I know you can do it too, so just go for it!