Intern Update: John Ratermann

John Ratermann

Accounting, College of Business, Influence, and Information Analysis

Ace Supply and Distribution dba Ace Radiator - Accounting Intern

Ace Radiator has given me lots of learning experience, and many lessons in professionalism. I felt that every day I worked I was needed and provided an important service. I made an impact in organizing the process in which we input and pay bills, and also rearrangement our entire customer file list. I sold around fifteen thousand dollars worth of heavy-duty cooling parts, and made sure all our shipments were secure and correct. I wish that I was given more responsibility to pay larger bills, but I had enough experience in paying smaller ones and making sure our bills were accurate and all accounted for.

As my time at Rockhurst University, so does my time at Ace Supply and Distribution. The distant ownership, along with tariffs and large competition, Ace has faced a tremendous amount of struggles this semester. For now, it is myself and my supervisor running the business, while one individual from the warehouse comes in to prepare orders. However, just this past week I interviewed with Ong & Company located in Corporate Woods and today I have accepted a job working there as a staff accountant. I don’t think I could have done it without Rockhurst University, Ace Radiator, and my family.